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Prince Harry Accuses Royal Family of Playing "Dirty Game." "I Was Terrified."

The docuseries promises royal bombshells. 

If you thought the first trailer for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's highly anticipated Netflix series was explosive, wait until you see the second! The new promo for the show dropped on Monday, offering a sneak peek at the drama and inevitable bombshells that will be revealed when the show hits the streaming service this week.

In one of the clips, the couple accuses the institution of playing "a dirty game" that is responsible for the "pain and suffering" of women who married into the family, including the Suits star herself. Keep reading to learn more— and to explore the secrets of the Royal Family, don't miss the biggest royal scandals of all time.

The Promo Drops a Lot of Bombshells


In the short but intense promo, the couple accuses the family of "leaking" and "planting" stories in the press, failing to protect Meghan, and playing a "dirty game" that puts women who marry into the family, including the late Princess Diana, and Markle, in serious physical and mental health danger. 

Meghan Was First Seen as a "Rockstar" and Then "Everything Changed"


"It's really hard to look back at it now and go, what on earth happened?" Harry states at the start of the promo, which includes press clips hailing Meghan as a "rockstar "royal. "You hear that? That is the sound of hearts breaking all around the world," says a voice. "And then," Meghan says, "everything changed," added Harry. 

There's "Leaking" and "Plating of Stories"


"There's a hierarchy of the family. There's leaking, but there's also the planting of stories," Harry says. Then experts hypothesize that the "abuse" of Meghan was rooted in racism. "It's a dirty game," added Harry. "The pain and suffering of women marrying into this institution, this feeding frenzy." The Sussexes' lawyer Jenny Afia, is also featured, saying: "There was a war against Meghan to suit other people's agendas."

Prince Harry Was "Terrified" That History Would "Repeat Itself"


"I realized, they're never going to protect you," the Duchess said, wiping tears from her eyes. "I was terrified. I didn't want history to repeat itself," Harry added, referencing the death of his mother, Princess Diana. The trailer ends dramatically with Prince Harry saying, "No one knows the full truth. We know the full truth."

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The Series Will Be Aired in Two Parts


The Netflix series will be released in two segments, each with three episodes. Volume 1 will be available on the streaming service on December 8 and Volume II a week later on December 15. 

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