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Passengers Evacuated from Plane After Bear Escapes from Crate

A bear roamed freely around the cargo area of a plane after escaping its crate. 

Dogs and cats are commonly transported on airplanes. However, you might be surprised to learn that other animals may be crated somewhere on the plane as you fly the friendly skies. Rabbits, household birds, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, nonpoisonous reptiles, pot-bellied pigs, and tropical fish are amongst the critters and swimmers that may be aboard in addition to other individually approved animals. According to a new report, bears are on that list. Recently a bear escaped its crate while in the cargo area of a plane before takeoff. 

A Bear Escaped Its Crate


According to a new report, an Iraqi Airways flight was preparing for takeup from Dubai airport. However, a bear escaped its crate, and the flight was stalled as animal specialists attempted to remove it from the plane via sedatives.


One video shared by UAE daily newspaper The National shows the bear roaming free in the plane's cargo hold while staff try to deal with the issue.

The Airline Denies Any Fault


The airline maintains it wasn't to blame for the escape. They add that procedures to transport the bear were carried out in accordance with the law and with standards approved by the International Air Transport Association.

The Plane Was Delayed By an Hour


In a video circulating on social media, the plane's captain apologizes to the passengers for the delay, revealing that a bear escaped from the crate. The person says in the video that the plane was an hour late to Baghdad because passengers had to get off the plane until the bear was removed. 

It Is Unknown Who Owns the Bear

Big brown bear is sad behind the bars of a zoo

According to officials, the bear was traveling to Baghdad but wouldn't reveal who owned the bear or why it was being transported. In a statement shared with The Sun, the airline said the delay was caused by reasons "beyond the control of the company." The company apologized to passengers. "The delay happened because of a shipment in the cargo hold. Upon arrival to Dubai Airport, the animal escaped the crate specified for its shipment."

It Is a Trend to Own Predatory Animals in Baghdad


According to The Telegraph, Baghdad has an increasing trend to keep predatory animals as pets, especially with the wealthy. 

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The Prime Minister Ordered an Investigation


Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shayya' Sabbar al Sudani has ordered an investigation.

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