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8 Stunning Moments From Alex Murdaugh Trial as Lawyer Pulls Gun on Prosecution

The drama in the courtroom continues this week in the murder trial of Alex Murdaugh.

The drama continues in the trial of Alex Murdaugh. The former South Carolina attorney, accused of murdering his son, Paul, and wife, Maggie, was back in the courtroom on Tuesday after the holiday weekend, as his defense called multiple witnesses to the stand – including his son, Buster Murdaugh. While the 26-year-old dropped many bombshells about his family, there have been many other mind-blowing new developments from the trial this week, including when one lawyer pulled a gun on the prosecution. Here are 8 of them. 

A "Sloppy Move"


On Tuesday, after dismissing another juror who wasn't feeling well, Judge Clifton Newman brought up a "sloppy" move courtesy of Defense attorney Jim Griffin, scolding him for using poor judgment. Over the weekend, Griffin shared a link to a The Washington Post op-ed titled: "Alex Murdaugh trial reveals a sloppy investigation."

The Shooter's Height Was Challenged By the Defense


On Tuesday, defense expert Mike Sutton specializing in ballistics testified that the ballistics evidence suggests the shooter – or two shooters – is 5'2" tall. Since Murdaugh is 6'4" he doesn't believe he could have committed the crimes. 

Dick Harpootlian Pointed a Gun at the Prosecution

Fox News

Defense attorney Dick Harpootlian shocked everyone in the courtroom when he waved a gun around the room, eventually pointing it at the prosecution. "It's tempting," he joked.  

The Defense Asks for "Unheard Of" Limits of Questioning If They Call Alex to the Stand


On Wednesday, defense attorney Jim Griffin asked Judge Newman to make a special exception if Alex Murdaugh was called to testify. He wants to ensure that during cross-examination, Murdaugh couldn't be asked about his financial crimes. However, Judge Newman declined, saying that limiting the scope of cross-examination is "unheard of." 

Alex's Former Law Partner Admits He Was "Very Cunning"


Alex's former law firm partner at PMPED Mark Ball was called to testify by the defense, claiming to have known him for three decades. After he was asked questions about the family dynamics and what went down after Alex found the bodies, the prosecution got him to admit that Alex was far from honest. "He was pretty good at hiding who he really was, wasn't he?" asked Creighton Waters. "Obviously," Ball responds "You just testified you didn't really know this man, did you?" follows up Waters. "Obviously I did not," he says. When asked if the SLED agents were polite and respectful to Alex after his wife and son were found murdered, Ball says: "In looking back, they probably were too much." He also says that Alex was a good lawyer and was even better at lying, as he "didn't know it, and didn't catch him," he says. "The way he was doing it was very, very cunning."

Alex Was Not Focused on Finding Maggie and Paul's Killer

Maggie Murdaugh/Facebook

Ball maintains that he and his colleagues were very focused on finding out who killed Maggie and Paul. Waters points at Murdaugh: "He was not, was he?" he asks. "I have said that. But I don't know, Mr Waters, how I would respond" in that same situation, Ball responds. He also confirms that Alex never talked about getting protection for Buster after the murders, but that he brought a pistol in a bag with him to a 4th of July party, and ended up leaving it there. 

Alex's Partner Never Believed the Hitman Plot


Ball testifies that on September, 3 2021, Murdaugh was confronted by the firm about stealing money. They next day he got a call that Alex had been shot. "My first thougth was 'don't tell me that jacka** killed himself?" he testified. After being informed that "someone shot him," Ball said he "didn't believe that" and never did. "I went straight to the scene. I didn't believe him," he says. Once there he told the other partners, "I don't buy it" and added that they discovered the knife in the grass that Alex slashed his tire with. Ball confirms to Waters that Murdaugh "manufactured himself as a victim" once he was going to have to face the music of his crimes.

Ball "Doubts Everything" About Alex


Ball "doubts everything" about Alex after knowing him for 30 years, but can't say whether or not he killed Paul and Maggie. "I've spent 33 years in one place. I've put everything in it… and it's gone…. because of his acts," he says about the now-defunct law firm. "And when it comes to that, I'm mad as hell. But on the other hand, I'm not saying he's done what he's been accused of."

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