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Meghan Markle is Playing a "Dangerous Game," Warns Royal Expert

It has to do with her involvement in politics.

The Royal Family are expected to abide by extensive rules, ranging from what they can and cannot wear and nail polish colors to the type of gifts they may receive. However, some of the most crucial ones have to do with what they are and aren't allowed to say at the public level and to the media. For example, members of the Royal Family aren't allowed to comment on politics or be associated with a specific political party.

This was one of the primary issues that Meghan Markle had when she married into the family. Now that she and Harry have stepped away from their roles as working royals, she has resurrected her political agenda. And according to one royal expert, she is overstepping. 

Meghan Recently Campaigned Against Republican-Led Voter Suppression


Daily Express' royal correspondent Richard Palmer maintains that Meghan went overboard by campaigning against Republican-led voter suppression in the midterm elections that just occurred in the United States. 

It's a "Dangerous Game" Because of International Relations

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"I think it's a slightly dangerous game but not as dangerous as it was when Donald Trump was still President," Palmer said on Royal Round Up. "And that was the real problem that the UK was trying to negotiate a post-Brexit trade deal with the US, which seems as far off as ever now."

Consternation at Buckingham Palace

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"There was huge consternation at Buckingham Palace because although Meghan has never said which way to vote, she was taking part in a campaign to get people to register to vote and against voter suppression," Palmer continued. "And rightly or wrongly, that was seen as essentially being a Democrat-leaning campaign. And I think that you have to remember that when they quit, they volunteered."

It Is "Embarrassing the UK"

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"They weren't, as far as I understand it, asked to make this pledge. They volunteered that they would uphold the values of the then-Queen," Palmer pointed out. "And embarrassing the UK in a foreign country isn't upholding the Queen's values."

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"Less of an Issue"


However, because Biden is now President, it isn't as much of an issue. "I would say it's less of an issue at the moment, though, because there's a democratic president and so it's unlikely to affect diplomatic relations in the same way. But it's still slightly dangerous territory," Palmer concluded.

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