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King Charles "Devastated" and Prince William "Furious" After Harry's Accusations, Royal Friend Claims

A source says a reconciliation between the couple and the family is unlikely. 

After Queen Elizabeth died and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were reunited with the entire Royal Family, the entire world wondered if reconciliation was in the cards. However, there were some very large rain and storm clouds looming in the near future, more specifically, the couple's highly anticipated Netflix docuseries as well as the publication of the Prince's tell-all autobiography, Spare.

While Harry and Meghan put on a united front with the family, even going on a walkabout with Prince William and Kate Middleton, the truce appears to be temporary. Now that the Netflix series has aired, and Prince Harry has lashed out at his relatives and made some pretty hefty allegations, they are very upset with him. 

Harry Believes He Aired His Laundry for the Greater Good, His Friend Claims


In the six-episode series, all available to stream on Netflix, Harry accuses his father of lying, his brother of yelling, and the Royal institution of systemic racism and gaslighting. A friend of Harry's says: "People ask 'why air your dirty laundry?' Everything Harry does and says is rooted in wanting to try and change things for the better, even if not everyone agrees with that. If the outcome of all of this is an institution and a family that operates in a more modern way, then so much the better . . . if there is a chance to improve things for the next generation, that's a positive." 

However, His Family Views It As "A Disgraceful Betrayal of Trust," Insider Says


However, his family doesn't view this as a positive thing. "It's a disgraceful betrayal of trust, an unwelcome distraction in the short term and very hurtful to the family. But it's not as damaging to the monarchy as we feared. Most sensible people will see it for what it is — self-indulgent, one-sided and exploitative," a friend of the King tells The Sunday Times.


His Family Isn't Going to Forget It, Source Claims


The royal source adds that the betrayal isn't going to be swept under the rug. "With every passing month and year, it will be seen as the tawdry, shameful exercise it was. I'm sure Harry will come to regret it unless he's lost to the world," they continued.  

They Will Continue Doing Their Jobs, Insider Says

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However, because the family has a job to do, they will continue going about their business and will try to avoid any drama. "William must be furious and the King will be devastated, but they will crack on, showing on a weekly basis what the job entails and the value it brings — Harry and Meghan can't," the source says. 

A "Reconciliation" Is Unlikely, Source Claims

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Will Harry and Meghan get a peace offering anytime soon? According to the source, it isn't likely. "Any chance of reconciliation is much harder now," the source said. 

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