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The Real Reason King Charles Will Be "Watching" Meghan Markle Closely in a "Business Sense," Royal Expert Claims

King Charles has a business to run, and his daughter-in-law could be bad for it. 

The relationship between King Charles and his daughter-in-law Meghan Markle has always intrigued the public. When Prince Harry first started dating the Suits star, it seemed that her relationship with her boyfriend's father was similar to the one between Charles and Prince William's wife, Kate Middleton. Then, when Meghan's father backed out of coming to the huge wedding, King Charles seemed to be taking upon a surrogate father to the actress as he stepped in and walked his future daughter-in-law down the aisle. 

However, when Harry and Meghan decided to leave behind their roles as working members of the Royal Family rumors of a rift between Meghan and Charles circulated and continued to intensify recently when Meghan openly discussed Harry and Charles' relationship issues. Now, according to a new report, King Charles is keeping a close eye on his daughter-in-law for a very important reason. 

King Charles Is Watching Meghan Out of Professional Responsibility

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According to a royal insider, King Charles is watching Meghan very closely, as he is very concerned that she is going to continue taking actions that will harm the reputation of the Royal Family. However, it is not for personal reasons that he is concerned. Now that he is running The Firm, he views it as a professional responsibility. 

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He Is Allegedly Paying Attention to Everything She Says


According to the source, while the new King tries not to pay attention to chatter, his daughter-in-law's recent interviews are concerning him. "[King] Charles' modus operandi has been to pretty much try and ignore any stuff that's written and said about him," Duncan Larcombe told Fox News Digital.  However, now that he is running The Firm, he is extra cognizant. "But, on Meghan, I would be very, very surprised if he weren't being made aware of every kind of keynote interview and commercial stuff because they have to. It's the Royal Family brand," he continued. 

He Is Allegedly Worried She Will Damage the Reputation of the Royal Family

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While King Charles does have his eye on Meghan, he isn't concerned about what she says for personal reasons. "So yes, he will be watching, it will be far more in a business sense," Larcombe added.  In other words, she can say what she wants about anything other than the Royal Family and he doesn't care. "He won't want her to be saying things that could be damaging to the reputations of the royal family and, in particular, things that, in his opinion, are utterly untrue and unfair."

The Family Is Also Allegedly Concerned About Harry and Meghan Returning to the UK

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The family is also concerned over an "inevitable" feud between Harry and Meghan upon their next visit to the UK, according to international dating and relationship coach Christiana Maxion. "With the passing of the Queen, there is no doubt that family dynamics have changed and I am sure Harry's Father, King Charles would want him at his upcoming Coronation at least," she told Daily Star

Maxion added that feuds are "inevitable" and that it is "typical" that a man will take his wife's side in a disagreement. "Harry's return could cause a lot of turmoil in the family, but his bond with Meghan could strengthen in a possible 'us against the world' fashion, which always leads to more exclusion and battle," she said. 

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Meghan Is Allegedly Not Intimidated By Her Father-in-Law

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According to one course, Meghan is not the least bit intimidated by her powerful father-in-law. During his YouTube channel, Neil Sean's Daily News Headlines, Royal expert Neil Sean claimed that a "very good source" told him that Meghan had asked to meet with the King prior to returning to California after the Queen's death.

"She'd now like before they return back to California to have a one-to-one audience with King Charles III," he revealed. "That's right. Meghan one-to-one with King Charles. You heard correct." Meghan wrote to the King in a letter. "And what's interesting here is according to that good source, this was made in a formal letter. This is how you write to the King through his equity and of course that's passed on, etc.," he said. "Now, you know, you have to admire Meghan's self-belief, whatever you think."

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