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Harry and Meghan Are Completely Hijacking Diana's Story and Legacy, Leaving Prince William "Irate," Royal Expert Claims

The couple’s latest Netflix announcement is problematic to some members of the Royal Family. 

After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's docuseries, Harry & Meghan smashed documentary records for the streaming service, the world wondered what project was next as part of the couple's whopping $100 million deal with the streaming service. This week, the couple announced that on December 31, Live to Lead, would premiere on Netflix. Inspired by Nelson Mandela, the couple plan on featuring inspiring leaders and activists in hopes of highlighting their accomplishments. However, some experts maintain that their latest media venture is completely hijacking Harry's late mother, Princess Diana's legacy and that one person, in particular, isn't too happy about it: His brother, Prince William. 

The New Docuseries Is Inspired By Nelson Mandela


"This was inspired by Nelson Mandela, who once said, 'What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived,'" Harry says in the trailer for the show. "It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead," adds Meghan.

"It's about people who have made brave choices," continues Harry. "To fight for change and to become leaders," adds Meghan. "And giving inspiration to the rest of us," says Harry. "To live, to lead."

One Royal Expert, Kinsey Schofield, Isn't Buying Into It

GB News

Kinsey Schofield, the host of the To Di For podcast, discussed the new series with Fox News Digital, saying that it "sounds incredibly boring" and points out that one "fearless leader" doesn't seem to be featured in the seven-episode series: Queen Elizabeth. 


She Believes the Couple Has Ulterior Motives


"Harry and Meghan teaching us about leadership is like Rachel Dolezal teaching us about honesty," Schofield said. "I'm not surprised that they did not include the queen. Meghan purposely excluded the queen when she guest-edited Vogue's Forces for Change issue. This entire special is just an attempt by Harry and Meghan to try to align or associate themselves with individuals that have successfully made names for themselves with their philanthropy."

Harry Is "Only Given a Platform Because of His DNA," Expert Says

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan

"Reminder: Harry is only given a platform because of his DNA and Meghan only has these opportunities because of her husband's DNA. They are not in the same league as Greta Thunberg or Nelson Mandela," she continued. "Harry and Meghan know that 'You are who you associate with…' – which is why they cling to their royal titles and create content like this so they can try to worm their way into these elite circles."

Prince William Is "Irate," Allegedly


"And please give Nelson Mandela a rest. Mr. Mandela was so close to Princess Diana and it seems like Harry and Meghan are completely hijacking Diana's story and legacy," she concluded. "Leaving Prince William irate."


Meghan and Harry Were "Smart" to Release This After Their Bombshell Show, Expert Claims


According to Royal contributor Shannon Felton Spence, it was "smart" to pique interest with Harry & Meghan first, before this more serious show. "It would benefit everyone for them to leave their grievance behind once and for all and fully step up as feel-good conveners and storytellers the way they keep saying they want to," she said. "The Netflix deal was for more than just the Harry and Meghan documentary, but Netflix knew that was the only guaranteed big hit. So they put it up front, I'm sure that was part of the deal, and now we'll see some of that 'inspiring' content they have been promising."

The New Series May Not Be As Popular

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Spence points out that since the couple "cashed in" with their royal bombshells in the first series, the second will be disappointing. "But only time will tell if they have any cache outside of their royal status. I think after six hours of documentary we're all ready to turn that page. We'll have to wait and see how successful that type of content will be after they have cashed in on all their royal stories. Netflix was smart to have the Harry & Meghan documentary upfront."