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Female Tourists Horrified After Discovering Creepy Secret Rooms and Peepholes in Airbnb Rental

They documented the unusual home in a viral video.

Airbnb is a solid resource for finding unique and eccentric lodging options. From A-frame houses in the woods to beachside cottages and celebrity guesthouses, there is no lack of variety on the online marketplace for short- and long-term homestays and experiences. While most travelers have positive experiences staying in other people's homes, you occasionally get a horror story of a stay gone awry. This week, female tourists highlighted one of these situations, allegedly renting a home in Oregon that seemed out of a horror movie. 

Tierra Burris and Scarlet Wolf Went Viral for Their Video About a Creepy Airbnb


This week, Tierra Burris and Scarlet Wolf went viral after documenting their creepy Airbnb experience. The girls rented a Portland, Oregon home that had some pretty, well, concerning features in terms of privacy. 

They Booked a Two-Week Stay for $3,500


The girls booked a two-week stay at the rental. Their first issue was that they couldn't even find the place, claiming that the owners initially listed the wrong address, they explain in their video, which has been viewed over 5 million times. 

They Claim They Were First Given "An Address for a Place That Does Not Exist"


"First thing … we get here, they did not give us the right address," says Burris. "They gave us an address for a place that does not exist."

The House Was "Gorgeous" But Accessed a Strange Way


When they walked in, they thought the house was "gorgeous, beautiful." However, soon after, they noticed that none of the windows had blinds. They also noted that the home wasn't enterable through the front door – they had to walk in another door off one of the bedrooms. "There was a key that she didn't tell us about hidden outside," Burris says. "There is this little tiny little hole area down here where there was another key that accessed the door that we were not informed of."

There Were "Strange" Tunnels, Closets, Peepholes


"Now, let's go to object number one to bring to attention," Burris continues. "There are strange tunnels, holes, and ways to this home." This includes hidden closets, peepholes, and even tunnels. "This one specifically has a big open space large enough for [a] human beside the cabinet that goes into the bedroom."

Doors Locked From the Outside


She also notes that many of the doors don't close and had locks on them – on the outside. There were also creepy things about the basement, like the fact the lights didn't work and secret rooms and tunnels. 

They Also Note That an "Active Serial Killer" Was on the Loose


"Object number one. This door leads to God knows where there used to be a lock on the outside. There's just this little wood block that's used to be turned quite regularly, keeping it closed with an open vent above it," Burris says. "And then there's this man-size tunnel. A man-sized tunnel. Mind, we're in Portland, Oregon right now where there's an active serial killer on the loose."

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They Ended up Getting a Refund


The girls were so creeped out by the $3,500 property that they asked for a refund, which they revealed in a separate video to say they were given a full refund.

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