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Couple Gets Letter Revealing "Creepy Secret" Rooms in Their 130-Year-Old Home

Couple explains they found out after they bought their house that there are three secret rooms in their historical house.

One couple is learning there's much more to their home than what they originally thought. Tiktokers Courtney and Matt discovered a secret about their 130 year-old house when an unexpected letter arrived from a previous owner revealing there are hidden rooms. The couple has been documenting their home renovations on social media and shared the eerie news with viewers who excitedly demanded tours of the house. 

The Letter


Courtney shared with viewers in a clip that's been watched over 3.7 million times, that she received a letter "that's all the way from Canada," which explained there are "secret rooms" in the house. "We got a letter addressed 'purchaser,'" Courtney revealed in her trending TikTok tell-all. "It says, 'Let me introduce myself. I am the last surviving member of the Madison family who once owned the house, and I grew up in it,'" read the letter. "'I would like to … tell you about the secret rooms and a few things you may not have been told when you bought the house.'" According to the letter, there are three secret rooms and the couple eventually showed viewers each one. 

Viewers Demanded More Videos Instantly


Viewers were so intrigued by the letter and commented how badly they needed to see the rooms." I can't believe you left me hanging like that," one person wrote. "What am I supposed to do now? Hang out with my family?" Someone else commented, "Ma'am I'm in the UK, it's currently 19:32… please can we see the secret rooms before my 21:00 bedtime comes round." Another demanded, "SHOW ME THE ROOMS!!!!" An upset viewer wrote, "And this is all???? We wanna see the rooms! Come on people, you can't do this to us!" Others commented about how close their situation was to a Netflix show.  "LETTERS…SECRET ROOMS??…… real life WATCHER HOUSE?"

Secret Room #1


Courtney and Matt first found a secret liquor cabinet above the fireplace in their front parlor. "You have got to be kidding me," Courtney said in the video as Matt pulled up a mirrored panel that revealed a hidden compartment of dusty vintage spirits that was tucked away. Included in the treasure trove were unopened bottles of French rosé wine from 1970 and cabernet sauvignon from 1989. There were also  aged containers of bourbon, beer and cream sherry. One viewer wrote, "depending on when the house was built these kinds of spots were used during prohibition to hide their alcohol and such."  "Definitely research the unopened bottles of wine," another person suggested. "Even tho not stored properly, they might have value."

Secret Room #2


The second hidden room "is in the washroom directly opposite the door in the wall and there should be a knob in the panelling, Courtney read from the letter. In the video, you see the couple walking up the stairs with their young child.  Courtney then says, "I'm not going to lie. You all haven't seen the bathroom in this house yet and it's by far the scariest room." She goes on to explain that Matt had to go back downstairs because the "baby wasn't having it." She then shows a few pieces of wood paneling that have fallen off the wall. As she peeks into the opening, she says, "my guess is there probably used to be some kind of mob here, but really this is just like a kind of creepy attic space." She added, I guess if you lived here as a kid, you would be like 'oh cool secret room.'  Courtney also shared how there is a "trunk room," which they knew about beforehand. She walks over to a small locked door located directly opposite their toilet. The small entrance opened to a large trunk room.  "There is this huge space," she exclaimed. "We're going to try and figure out how to use this space, but right now it's just kind of a cool, cool room." She concluded by saying, "secret room number two, not so much of a secret to us, but there is a third one."

Secret Room #3


The couple took some time in revealing the third secret room because the area was 'filled with furniture." But they did eventually share the final hidden spot. "This adventure is going to take us into the basement," Courtney explained as she walked down a set of stairs. Once inside she said, "This is not a sexy area of the house." She continued, "the letter says if you go into the basement and you look over the retaining wall on the left there is a dead space." The spot was difficult to reach because the previous owners boarded up the surrounding walls. There was also a big pipe that was connected to the wall where the secret room was behind, which made it challenging to see around. But there was enough space around the pipe where you could take a look and there was a large space, but Courtney was unsure if that's what the previous owner was referring to. The video ended abruptly and some commenters were disappointed by the discovery. "That's a crawl space," one person wrote. "I'm kinda disappointed in all 3 "secret rooms". The only cool room is the hidden one in front of the toilet," someone commented and the couple responded, "I'm sorry lol." Someone else wrote, "Well, that was uneventful. It's a crawl space. I guess we can call it a dead space now." But others enjoyed the reveal. "So much cool history. Thanks for taking us along on this journey!," one viewer wrote. Another person defended the couple and wrote, "Are you people disappointed bc this unsuspecting person followed a letter she received? That y'all wanted in on? Like it's her fault?" The couple responded, "Lol seriously." 

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