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Princess Diana's Brother Breaks Silence After Harry and Meghan's Bombshell Series

Here’s what he said.

Since the release of the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan, royal watchers have been looking for reactions from the royal family and relatives, any comment or signal that the show's revelations meet with their approval or rejection. Reaction from the key players has been sparse, even as Harry said his father, King Charles, lied to him and his brother, Prince William, screamed about Harry's plans to leave royal life behind. The documentary also mentioned Harry's late mother and her mistreatment by the royal family. 

Recently, the Daily Express reported that Prince Harry's uncle Charles Spencer—brother of Diana—had "broken his silence" for the first time since Harry & Meghan debuted. A day after the first three episodes were released, Spencer took to Twitter. Read on to find out what he said—and what the British public would like him to weigh in on. 

Posted Scene From Althorp Estate

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Instead of commenting on the episodes, Spencer posted a video of the grounds of Althorp House, the 13,000-acre estate where he resides. "A winter's day so crisp, that this morning's frost remains intact," he wrote. That wasn't enough for some of Spencer's followers, who urged him to comment on Harry's estrangement from King Charles and William.

Twitter user Tina Wainwright said: "Please help Harry to understand we all feel his pain of losing a wonderful mother so young but I fear he lose dad and William for good."

Followers Urge Him to Comment


A Twitter user named Umarjun said: "How about condemning your nephew for his disgusting Netflix series and appropriating Diana's legacy. U do have another nephew, the future King and he needs your support." And SuFromLondon wrote: "You need to tell your nephew that his wife is destroying everything that his grandmother worked her whole life for. If he wanted to marry Megan he should have thought it through maturely—you can't have your cake and eat it! Even if you are a prince."

Similar Discretion After Last Three Episodes

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After the final three episodes were released last Thursday, Spencer posted another image from Althorp, a royal portrait of King Charles I that hangs in the estate. He said the former monarch had visited the home several times. "Portrait of Charles I, hanging in the Picture Gallery at @althorphouse—the king visited the house in the 1630s, as an honoured guest—at one banquet recorded as feasting on herons, peacocks, and even the humble potato (which was relatively new to England then). 

"He was also allowed to visit Althorp several times in 1647, when being held prisoner at his palace of Holdenby—after losing the first English Civil War," he added. "The king's hobbies included Bible-reading, chess, and lawn bowls, and Althorp had an excellent bowling green. Charles was executed in London, in January 1649."

Diana's Final Resting Place

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Princess Diana is buried on a private island on the Althorp estate. Would-be vandals have tried to break in at least four times. Spencer said the intruders have been caught every time. "Originally, we were going to bury Diana in the family tombs nearby, but it wasn't to be. Both because it was impractical and because it would mean the local village being overrun," he said.

Spencer Gave Diana's Eulogy

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Spencer's funeral eulogy for Princess Diana was groundbreaking and led to speculation at the time that the royal family wouldn't survive the scandal. "I would like to end by thanking God for the small mercies he has shown us at this dreadful time," Spencer said

"For taking Diana at her most beautiful and radiant and when she had joy in her private life. Above all we give thanks for the life of a woman I am so proud to be able to call my sister, the unique, the complex, the extraordinary and irreplaceable Diana whose beauty, both internal and external, will never be extinguished from our minds."

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