King Charles Allows Kate Middleton to "Steal the Spotlight" To Secure Monarchy's Survival, Expert Says

King Charles is secure and confidant.

According to the latest YouGov polls, Prince William and Kate Middleton are significantly more popular in the United Kingdom than the King and current Queen. Compared to his son and daughter-in-law, King Charles is 10 percent less popular, and his wife, Queen Camilla, is nearly 30 less popular. However, according to a Royal expert, the King is totally okay with his daughter-in-law being a favorite with his people and is even allowing her to "steal the spotlight." 

King Charles's Biography Maintains That the King Is Used to "Playing Second Fiddle"


King Charles's biographer, Robert Jobson, writes for The Daily Mail that the King is quite used to "playing second fiddle." Not only did he serve as his mother, Queen Elizabeth's "understudy" for 70 years, but was also less popular than his first wife, Princess Diana. 

Queen Camilla Is Also Okay with Her "Supporting Role"


"And then his sons, William and Harry became the star attractions and lately their glamorous wives," writes Jobson, adding that Charles' wife, Queen Camilla "has wisely always stayed more in the shadows – stressing her 'supporting role.'"

Charles Understands the Younger Royals Have "Star Quality"


And while he might be the "star attraction" as the new King, it is likely due to the "novelty of wanting to see the new monarch up close and personal," he maintains. "But Charles is under no illusions that it is the younger royals that have the star quality and are crucial for the future of our monarchy." 

He Sees That William and Kate "Have the Wow Factor"


He continues to point out that the Princess of Wales "drew more attention" than he at the Chelsea Flower Show. "Catherine and William have the wow factor – as a double act at the Earthshot Prize launches they have pulling power. They make headlines for the right reasons," he says. 

William Has "Stepped Up for His Father"


"She looks great, she is smart and is an inspiration to many women at home and abroad. But she never overplays her hand," he writes. William has also proved that he "has stepped up for his father," speaking "eloquently about his 'Pa' and would have made any father proud," at the Coronation. 

He Isn't Concerned About Kate and Will "Stealing His Thunder"


"Speculation that Charles is concerned that his son and daughter-in-law are stealing his thunder is wide off the mark," he maintains. He also points out that Charles is secure in his position as "Head of State and 'Father of the nation'" and William and Kate have established their support of the crown. 

William, Kate and Their Kids Are Bound to "Steal the Limelight" and It Will Be "With Charles's Blessing"


"But make no mistake, whilst it is Charles's head that wears the Crown, it is William, Catherine and their children that will steal the limelight. They are bound to. And it is right. This time, it will be with Charles's blessing – for he knows for monarchy to survive it must be relevant to the younger generation.

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