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COVID Symptoms After Reinfection You May Not Know

Health Reporter Fiona Callingham reveals a curious sign of infection.

It is officially fall, which means the guessing season is on. Is it the cold? Flu? Allergies? Or is it actually one of the new COVID-19 variants? Many of us are well aware of the OG COVID-19 symptoms to look out for. However, according to some people who have caught the virus more than once, there are a few symptoms they have experienced after being reinfected with the virus – a few of which might seem a little bizarre. 

Fiona Callingham's Reinfection with COVID Came with a New Symptom


In a new piece for Express, Health Reporter Fiona Callingham details her most recent battle with the virus, which varied significantly from her first time infection two years ago. 

Previously, She Lost Taste, Experienced Muscle Aches, Chills, Cough, and Shortness of Breath

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Callingham explains that she first battled COVID-19 two years ago, experiencing symptoms like loss of taste, muscle aches, chills, a cough, and breathlessness.

But Two Years Later, There Were "Very Different Warning Signs"


"Fast forward almost two years later and I was about to test positive for Covid yet again, however, it was preceded by some very different warning signs this time," she writes. 

Her Foot Went "Partially Numb"

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"It was a Monday evening when I noticed a strange sensation (or lack thereof) in my left foot – it had gone partially numb," she explained. 

Then, It Went Almost Entirely Numb


"At first I considered it could just be pins and needles but throughout the night it continued to worsen until, by the morning, almost the entire foot was without feeling," she said. 

It Is Called Peripheral Neuropathy


"In medical terms this is known as peripheral neuropathy, which can also refer to numbness in the hands as well as the feet," she said. 

There Are a Number of Health Issues That Can Cause It


Peripheral neuropathy is usually caused by a number of health issues, including diabetes, nerve damage and certain vitamin deficiencies. At first, she thought it could have happened because she had been deficient in vitamin B12 in the past.

She Then Developed Other Covid Symptoms


However, she soon developed a sore throat, which was followed by a headache, fatigue, and muscle aches – all common signs of the virus.

She Also Developed Some New Symptoms


She also developed some new symptoms – nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. "The latter three symptoms were not ones I had experienced with my 2022 run-in with Covid but they are listed by the NHS as signs of the disease," she wrote. 

The Gastro Symptoms Took "Longer to Shake"


"It took a solid six days to recover this time, with the gastrointestinal symptoms taking longer to shake than the others," she continued. 

The Numbness in Her Foot Persisted


While she tested negative "just under a week later" the feeling in her left foot "has not yet fully returned." 

Feeling May Not Return For Awhile, She Says


While not a mainstream symptom, she shared that there is research that other people experienced numbness, and for many, feeling didn't return for some time. "So while my other symptoms have cleared up judging by these findings I might be left with a numb foot for a little longer," she said. 

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