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5 Worst Things About Being a Rich Housewife, According to a Millionaire

Rich housewife complains about the downside of being married to a millionaire and is criticized. 

Being married to a millionaire isn't all so great at times, according to one wife whose husband is a super filthy rich Forex and Crypto trader. Jordanian-born Linda Andrade, 23 married Dubai-based businessman named Ricky Andrade and while their glamorous life is filled with daily luxuries most people only dream of, she reveals there's a downside. In a TikTok video, she shares the challenging things she endures being married to someone with so much money and is slammed for being tone deaf and insensitive. 

"Worst Things About Being Married to a Millionaire"


In a video captioned "worst things about being married to a millionaire pt. 2" Andrade quickly outlines things she doesn't enjoy about her rich life. 

  1. Scared of getting robbed. 
  2. Having to always look her best. She is tired of being a 10/10
  3. She's tired of being given" too much food"
  4. "Women want my man," is another gripe
  5. She is over her husband buying her "too much stuff"
  6. She's "tired" from traveling all the time
  7. Andrade revealed her husband never lets her drive

Viewers Slammed Andrade's Entitled Behavior


The 40 second clip has been viewed 11.3 million times and people weren't so impressed with Andrade's behavior. "I wish I could complain about these things. I don't stress over being robbed, I stress over paying my bills," one person wrote. Another commented, "mmm well if you have extra cash you're not happy with I got a mortgage, bills and student loans I can pay sooner than later, single mom over here. One person questioned if the video was real, "Can someone please explain to me if this is a joke account or is she actually that shallow?" Someone else wrote, "Please don't take what you have for granted. I can't even afford to get my kids into a home of our own…. A place of our own to call home."

Demands a $3,000 Spending Spree When They Fight


Andrade, who calls herself the "Original Dubai Housewife" has a habit of flaunting her privileged lifestyle for her 530.3K viewers and griping about petty things. In one clip she captioned "Fighting with my Millionaire husband," she revealed when she fights with her husband, she demands he spend at least $3,000 "spending spree" when they argue. She explained how they went to the Dubai mall for shopping where he took her to the "platinum suites" but that didn't meet her requirement, so he booked the entire theater for her where they had someone on call for the whole movie. "I definitely utilized that and ordered something every five minutes," she bragged. She then stated after the movie, "he wanted to be selfish and go watch shopping…Ugh men, right/" she concluded the video. 

Regularly Flaunts Her Lavish Lifestyle


Andrade posts regularly and in every TikTok she shows off her extravagant lifestyle that include $10,000 dinners, unforgettable adventures and nonstop shopping. In another clip, she doesn't say anything, but stands in front of a black Mercedes SUV holding red roses with text over the video that reads "POV: this is how your millionaire husband apologizes. 

"Best Things About Being Married to a Millionaire"


All the backlash may have caught up to Andrade because her latest post is about the best things about being with a millionaire. Below are the things she loves about being insanely wealthy. 

  1. Never worrying about money
  2. "Stores treat you like royalty"
  3. 'Everyday is fun" but added "except when we fight"
  4. 'Flowers every week"
  5. She never has too cook because he takes her out "every night"
  6. Gives her something every week from her "wish list"
  7. He orders for her
  8. She sees the best places in the world
  9. She always travels first class
  10. She gets to live life in "comfort and lux"


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