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Women Are Sharing the Heartbreaking Moments They Realized Their Partner Didn't Care About Them

Women reveal cringeworthy experiences they’ve had with partners and many are shocking. 

The moment when you realize you've found your life partner is magical, but for some couples that connection and spark doesn't last.  Relationships are never easy, but it's usually safe to assume the person you've committed and dedicated yourself to feels the same way about you. But that's not always the case. In a new Reddit thread women are revealing the time when they knew their partner didn't care about them and the stories are heartbreaking.  

Not Caring When Partner Was Sick or Injured

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Several women came forward in the thread and shared how their partner was not only uncaring when they were injured in an accident, but didn't want to help them get medical treatment. The original poster wrote, "When I fell down the stairs at my boyfriend's house and I was screaming in pain because I broke my ankle and he got mad at me because he had to drive me to the hospital he later told me he got angry because he wanted to play Elden Ring." One person responded, "I'm in the middle of divorcing my wife but we're stuck in the same home for financial reasons. I would have rushed her to the hospital. That's just not how you treat a human being." Another woman shared her story about her now ex and was upset he had to take her to Urgent Care after a fall. "I fell and twisted my ankle one evening after he had dropped me off for my evening class. Someone riding a bike had to actually go after him to stop him from driving off completely and leaving me there. When he came back to me he was super annoyed and asked me what he was supposed to do about it. So I made him drive me to urgent care. He then proceeded to make me take my heavy backpack inside with our 2 small children and left us there…."

Being Cruel After Childbirth

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In a horrifying post, one woman said she knew her partner didn't care "when he critiqued how I gave birth." Someone chimed in, "He should have done it, then." Someone else responded, "Is there a wrong way?" Another person wrote, "The level of anger I would reach hearing a man tell me that, isn't even comprehensible. I'm sorry. Pray he gets a nasty kidney stone." 

Finding Out Your Partner Hasn't Really Deleted Dating Apps

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It's a heart sinking feeling when your partner tells you they've deleted all dating apps, but you find out they didn't! That happened to a few people who commented in the thread and opened up about their experience.  "When the 'your match is about to expire' notification popped up while he was showing me tik toks."  Another person commented that it also happened to her in a similar way. "Same thing happened to me. We were lying in bed and he was showing me a clip on his phone and halfway through he got a bubble msg from some chick from POF"—the Plenty of Fish dating app. Someone else wrote, "I totally feel you, when I was gonna present my ex to my parents (we were in his car) he got a notification from Tinder, I just got up and left."

Unfair Accusations of Being Manipulative

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In a gut-wrenching reveal, one woman shared how her partner said she was being manipulative at one of the worst times of her life. "When he accused me of being manipulative because I was crying. Why was I crying? Because I had literally just received the news that my closest friend had [died]." In response to the post someone commented, "I'm sorry about your friend. That's awful. I have also been told I'm manipulative while crying. I cry when I'm upset, of course, but also when frustrated, and I was frustrated for having to repeat my concerns over and over again." Someone else responded, "It really bothers me when people assume crying is manipulative. I'm a 'crier.' It's completely involuntary for me, and sometimes happens even when I'm happy. I try to hide it, but have even been told that my hiding it is manipulative, and I've always been embarrassed about it."

Won't Bring You Food If You Haven't Eaten All Day

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At one time or another, we've all experienced working such a hard, long day that eating just wasn't an option, and having a partner who can bring you food or have a meal ready when you get home isn't really a big ask. But for some it apparently is. One woman revealed the following experience she had with her partner.  "We were out and he wanted to grab some street food. I didn't have money on me so I just got nothing. He didn't offer. I sat next to him watching him eat. It was small, and yes, I could've said something — but it was just one of many occasions that made me understand that he doesn't care about me the same way I care about him after two … years."  

Another woman revealed the moment she knew her partner didn't care about her was when she'd worked a long shift and didn't have time to eat, he refused to get her food. "When he wouldn't go get me food after I worked 12 hours and he had the whole day off, and I hadn't eaten yet that day. The place was about a five-minute drive away but he asked me to get it delivered instead. It took two hours for the food to get there. I cried because it was Super Bowl Sunday and we had all-you-can-eat/drink packages so I ran around a lot and opened the restaurant that morning, too. I was so tired. I broke up with him two days later."  Someone else wrote, "I work super long shifts, often longer than 24 hours, when I get home he will tell me how tired he is and ask me to put the kettle on (aka make coffee)… I could count on one hand how often he makes me tea after I have worked or cooked dinner."

Acted Cold and Annoyed When a Loved One Died

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A common issue in the thread was how a partner reacted when a loved one died. Pets are family and when one woman had to put her dog down, her partner wasn't very caring. "When, less than 24 hours after I had my first dog put down, he asked me why I was still crying." Another poster wrote, "I had to drive a couple hours to say goodbye to my dying grandpa in the hospital. On my way back home, I stopped at Chipotle for dinner. My then boyfriend's first reaction when he saw me—rather than comforting me because I'd just visited my grandpa for the last time—was to get angry that I didn't get him a burrito."  Someone responded, "Pay attention to how they act during a family member's passing or medical situation. Their true colors of empathy care or selfishness are visible." Another commenter posted, "When my mom died, he didn't even bother waking up (it was midnight) & let me run to my mothers house all by myself. Not even one condolence. Nothing."

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