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Two Women Blast Loud Music on Plane and Laugh as Passengers Cover Their Ears Igniting a Fierce Debate About Flight Etiquette

Social media outraged over two "rude" women who annoy other passengers with loud music. 

People are in an uproar over a viral video circulating on social media of two women blasting loud music on a flight and making fun of another passenger for covering her ears. Showing no regard for other travelers, the women are seen laughing and having a great time as people around them try to ignore their "rude" behavior. The clip, which has been seen millions of times on various platforms, is raising concern over disruptive travelers and has people asking where were the flight attendants?

Who Are the Women


Everyone wants to know who the women are in the video, however, they have not officially been identified. That said, according to The Sun, one of the women goes by the name Mwarcel on TikTok and posted the video. However, it's difficult to independently verify since the clip has been taken down and is not visible on the account.

The Lack of Regard for Others


The women filmed themselves playing loud music and disturbing others around them. In the row across from the pair, a woman is seen bent over with her head on the back of a seat covering her ears. When one of the women notices her and mocks her. "What is she doing? "As if we're going to look at her and see her going like that and we're going to say, 'oh we'll turn it off'. The woman then flipped her off and called her an offensive name. They continued to play music, drink wine, dance in their seats and have a good time. 

Where Were the Flight Attendants

United airlines flight USA; a flight attendant is seen helping travelers in first class on an airplane in mid flight

Many are questioning where the flight attendants were and why the women were allowed to blast music on a packed plane. Someone Tweeted, "Shame on the Airline for letting them do this." Another person wrote, "What airline is this? How are the flight attendants for the airline not asking them to turn their music off so that it doesn't disturb the people around them? Not only is this a failure to be a good person, but this is a failure by whatever airline this is." Another added, "The airline is the one to first hold accountable. They should have instructed the ladies to turn it down low. If they refused in any way escorted off of plane." 

The Airline


The women were on a TUI Airlines flight and a Twitter user tagged them and asked why passengers were allowed to behave in this manner. Someone from the airline responded, "I can assure you staff will have taken the appropriate steps to resolve the matter ASAP." In a subsequent tweet, the representative also said, "Hey, I can see the video is only 29 seconds long if the passengers were on one of our larger planes for example nearing take off with the crew seated it could take up to a minute or more for staff to get to the section of the craft which a short clip would not display." In another response on Twitter the airline stated, "As my colleague advised this will be investigated in needed and any passengers that have been in touch will be update with an outcome." A user replied, "Good point. They just fabricated a reason as to why they are cowards and didn't do their job. I would've recorded the whole thing and dragged the airlines reputation. So disgusting." 

The Outrage


Many people expressed their outrage after watching the video and took their anger to social media. One person simply wrote, "Disgusting." Another added, "Yes we get it. You are selfish and self centered. This is entitlement at it's worst. The world doesn't revolve around you cupcake." Someone else stated, "So rude! Is their first time on a plane? Don't have money to buy some headphones?!" Another person tweeted, "People being loud on the plane is something I hate. I've seen people just talk really enthusiastically about literally nothing and just desperately try and keep the conversation going just to have something to talk about for an entire plane ride and it really pisses me off when I'm trying to get some shut eye." 

Poor Travel Etiquette


Every day there's a new story about how someone refused to switch seats so a family can stay together, which enraged people, or a passenger openly admitting they don't want to sit next to someone "obese." There's countless examples of unruly travelers and as a result people are posting etiquette guidelines to follow, which has many agreeing with, and others pushing back. 

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