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Woman is Fighting to Marry Her Half-Brother Who She Has Kids With

 Half-Siblings want to marry and want the law in Spain to change so they can legally get hitched. 

Many siblings have an unbreakable bond, but one brother and sister are taking sibling love to another level. Ana Parra and her partner Daniel share two biological children — as well as their DNA. The couple are half brother and sister who met a few years ago and instantly fell for each other. The pair live in Spain and although incest is not illegal, the country prohibits direct relatives from marrying, but they're hoping to change that. 

The Brother and Sister Were Not Raised Together


Ana did an interview with local media explaining her father left her as a child and knew she had a half brother, but didn't meet him until she was 20. "My mother told me that my father had left us to start another family and that he had had another child."Daniel added: "Someone had told me that maybe I had a sister out there, but my father never told me, it was something he wanted to hide."

Love at First Sight


After years of not knowing her brother, Parra decided it was time to meet, so she found him on Facebook and were instantly attracted to each other. "We didn't want to realize it, we were angry with ourselves because it was hard to admit and break that taboo: we are siblings even though we didn't feel that way," she said. She also recalled the first time they gave into their feelings. "We were partying, we approached each other slowly and gave each other our first kiss."

The Two Were "Ashamed" of Their Feelings


Ana revealed after their first kiss, the two were guilt-stricken over their feelings. "We went our separate ways, we were somewhat ashamed of what had just happened." But, said Daniel: "That kiss broke all barriers, marked a before and after, it was like a reality check."

The Couple Dated in Secret


The two soon realized they couldn't be a part, even though they were half brother and sister, and dated in secret. "Imagine liking a girl and, for a moral reason, being forbidden to be with her. It's really hard to deal with," Dainel said. After the pair took a trip to London where they were able to act like a normal couple, they decided to be open about the nature of their relationship.  "That was the first time we can say that we behaved, in public, like a real couple," Ana said. "We went out to dinner, we took walks. It was like an explosion of freedom."

People Were Not Supportive

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Not only did the couple go public, but did so in a big way by doing a TV interview about their relationship. "We didn't feel like telling everyone our story one by one, so that's why we decided to tell it this way," Ana shared. But not everyone was supportive and the couple were quickly flooded with online hate. "There are people who have written to us on social media telling us that we're going to burn," Ana explained to the local Spanish outlet. 

The Couple's Two Children Know How They're Related


The couple have two small children together, Daniella and Hector, who know their parents are half-siblings, but are "still very young and don't understand", Ana told local media. Despite the risk of being born with a genetic disease due to their parents being genetically related, both children are  "perfectly healthy", Ana revealed.

The Couple Wants the Law Changed So They Can Marry


Currently the couple can not legally marry in Spain, but want that to change. "Societies must advance and not cling to traditionalism," Ana said. Homosexuals were also not allowed to marry and now they can." She added, "We love each other and that is what should prevail. We are not harming anyone. That is why we want people to know our story."

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