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Woman Goes to Taylor Swift Concert Over Her Mother's Wedding, Gets Slammed

Woman planned on going to her mother's wedding, even though she doesn't like the man she's marrying. Then she won Taylor Swift tickets and is no longer attending the wedding, and people have a lot to say about it. 

International superstar Taylor Swift is currently on her Eras tour and a lucky winner who scored free tickets from a radio contest couldn't be more excited to go. The catch is the concert is on the same night as her mother's wedding, so she's skipping the nuptials to attend the show. She took to Reddit to ask if she was wrong for picking Swift over her mom and many slammed the woman for originally planning to go, but then backing out after winning the tickets.

The Woman and Her Mother Are Not on Speaking Terms


The unidentified woman explained in her post that after letting her mother know she wouldn't be attending her wedding and is going to see Taylor Swift instead, the two are not on speaking terms. "My mom is getting remarried (my birth father passed away a while ago). A few weeks ago I won Taylor Swift tickets on the radio for the same day as her wedding. I made the decision to go to the concert over the wedding, and I told her this, and she is very upset- she has not spoken to me since."

The Woman Thought Her Mother Would Understand Missing Her Wedding


While the woman didn't go into much detail about her relationship with her mom or her mother's relationship with the man she's about to marry, she did reveal she feels bad about the situation. "I love my mother and feel bad missing her wedding, but I thought she would understand due to the circumstances."

Doesn't Like the Groom


The original poster shared that she doesn't like the man her mother is marrying, but didn't give a reason why. " I do not like my soon-to-be stepfather, and I feel like seeing Taylor Swift is a once in a lifetime experience that I do not want to miss." She added, "I have made it very clear to my mom over the past few months that I am not okay with the marriage, but still plan to be at the wedding. But then I won the tickets, and things changed."

​​"Self-Centered Angsty Teen"


Many people were in shock over how the woman is not going to her mother's wedding and didn't hold back with their opinions. "Well I hope the concert is worth the strain in the family relationship," one person wrote. "This person sounds like an incredibly self-centered angsty teen." Another added, "Taylor swift fans are legitimately insane. Your mother's wedding vs Taylor Wwift? But oh dear! I may not see this stranger sing in person ever again! She'll have more shows. For sure. She's one of those artists who will perform or tour until she's in her 50s/60s. Your relationship with your mom….truly once in a lifetime. You get one mom." Someone else commented, "It's ok to disapprove and plan to not attend. It's not ok to say you're going and then change your mind, short of an emergency situation." Another person wrote, "Relationships are a two way street. Stop expecting your parents to put you first emotionally at every turn when you can't be bothered to choose them over a Damn concert. So if her mom chose to skip attending the birth of her second child for a concert it would be fine since it's not the first so who cares ?"

People Want More Details About Why the Woman Doesn't Like Her Mother's Fiancé

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Since the poster didn't give a reason why she doesn't like the man her mom is marrying, people are questioning why she left that detail out. "IF this guy is an atrociously disgusting human, and she's expressed to her mom that he is harmful and abusive and she cannot support the relationship, that's one thing," one person wrote. "But how convenient that there are exactly no details of why she doesn't like this guy in the post. It could be as juvenile as 'he's not my dad and you're replacing my dad'. Some people are weird like this and expect their poor widowed parents to live a lonely existence forevermore because their first marriage ended tragically." Another added, "Why doesn't she like him? She hasn't stated why, just 'I don't like him.' Does it not matter if he makes the mom happy? Because obviously he does because she wants to marry him. Such a selfish outlook. What would YOU tell someone who doesn't like your S/O who makes you happy? In all honesty she sounds like a selfish brat and my blind guess is that she wouldn't like ANY man who isn't her actual father."

Selling or Trading Tickets Won Can Be Tricky

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Many commenters suggested the woman sell or trade her tickets for another night so she could attend her mother's wedding. But according to The American Radio Archives And Museum it's not always possible and it depends on the radio station. "Some stations prohibit winners from selling their prizes, while others allow it. It's always a good idea to check the contest rules before you try to sell your prize." 


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