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Woman Finds Out Her Boyfriend Was Unfaithful in Front of 35,000 People

Woman calls out her boyfriend for cheating online and is flooded with support. 

Finding out your partner is cheating is heartbreaking, but to find out in front of 35,000 people makes the betrayal that much more crushing. That's what happened to one woman who shared her story on TikTok. Mikayla Miedzianowski, 23, took to the platform to reveal how she found out her boyfriend  of six months was cheating.

The Viral Clip


Miedzianowski posted a six-second clip that quickly went viral with 10.4 million views so far. "Just silently swigging out of a bottle of wine on my boyfriend's couch while he does the dishes because I just found out on social media in front of 35,000 people that he cheated on me and I'm going to have to confront him any second," Miedzianowski captioned the TikTok. 

Facebook Group Confirmed the Boyfriend was Cheating

Are We Dating The Same Guy? | Miami / Fort Lauderdale / South Florida

Miedzianowski found out her boyfriend was cheating from the Facebook page "Are We Dating the Same Guy?" The popular group has 35,000 members and Tampa, Florida where users share photos of people who display "red flags." The New York Post reports, "The photo she [the other woman] posted was taken the night that he met her and cheated on me," Miedzianowski explained. "She never reached out to me [directly], but she told me the entire story, anonymously, in the comments."

The Confrontation

Mikayla Miedzianowski/Instagram

When Miedzianowski got confirmation that her boyfriend was in fact cheating, she confronted him. The NY Post reports, "I showed him the messages with shaking hands, and he confessed immediately to cheating on me. "And not just the two times I knew of, but more times than he even remembered." According to the outlet, "Miedzianowski claimed her ex begged for forgiveness, saying he 'couldn't imagine life' without her around." But after she wouldn't accept his apology, he turned ice cold. 

Miedzianowski Defended Her Boyfriend at First

Mikayla Miedzianowski/Instagram

After learning the shocking news, Miedzianowski tried to defend her boyfriend online. The NY Post reports, "Miedzianowski also told that she initially tried to defend her philandering beau, saying: "' asked [the poster] to please delete her comments on the post so that no one would think poorly of someone that I loved so much.' She added, "In what was my darkest moment, my first reaction was to try to protect him," she heartbreakingly explained. "When you have so many things tied to someone, especially family and travel plans, it is really hard to process."

Miedzianowski Came to Her Senses

Mikayla Miedzianowski/Instagram

According to the NY Post Miedzianowski said, "Once I came to the conclusion that what had happened was entirely out of my control, I tried to cope with humor, and that's where the TikTok video came into play," she stated. "Upon going viral, I realized that people actually care about what happened to me," she continued. "Everything happens for a reason, and I am lucky to have seen his true colors so early on."

Boyfriend Cheated at Least Two Times


In a follow up clip Miedzianowski said, 'I think the most annoying thing about being cheated on is that I'm the most chill girlfriend ever. The first time he cheated on me, my dog was literally in the hospital. So yeah, I could have used a little emotional support," she added. 'But no, he had plans with his friend's family. No worries. I am all good. I will see you tomorrow the second time he cheated on me, we had an argument the night before I reached out to him." She went on to say that she told him she "missed him" and "wanted to work things out," but his response was "he had plans." She said she told him no problem and they could talk about it another time. 

"Maybe I'm too Chill of a Girlfriend"


After hearing his response about being too busy to talk about their argument, Miedzianowski shared in the video, "This is when I realized that maybe I'm too chill of a girlfriend. Maybe I just let people get away with [things]. This is how I got cheated on–really?" She added, "Cheating is never okay, but I'd understand being mad if I was this crazy that's constantly blowing up your phone and being ridiculous. That is not me at all. I'm literally the most chill girlfriend."

Ex-Boyfriend Has Seen the Videos


In another clip, Miedzianowski said she believes her ex has seen her series of TikToks explaining how she was cheated on "Plot twist. I think he's seen the videos. He hasn't said anything to me, but he did go through and delete every single comment on every single one of my photos on my Instagram. He also unliked all of my photos. There is quite literally no evidence that I exist in his life."

Didn't Know Her Boyfriend Was Cheating


Miedzianowski isn't naming her ex-boyfriend, but she has shown photos of him in various clips. In addition, she shared a video of them happily dancing in a backyard. She posted the TikTok in response to someone asking if she knew he was cheating. She wrote in the caption over the video, "Literally no, this was the night before he did it."  Thousands of people commented and flooded Miedzianowski with support.  "Very respectfully ma'am… you were out of his league," one person wrote. "You're too pretty for him anyway," someone added. Another commented, "Promise we aren't all like that."


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