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Woman Blasts Parents for Stealing Money From Her College Trust to Pay for Her Brother's Wedding and Says She's Suing Them

Woman is battling her family over money she claims they stole from her college fund and Reddit users are backing her up. 

A woman's family drama is playing out in a subreddit where people explain their position to readers and people chime in to decide who is wrong in the sticky situation, and things are getting ugly. An anonymous poster revealed that her parents allegedly stole her college fund to pay for her brother's wedding, and she's not tolerating it. "I am currently suing them," she wrote. "My entire family is against me," but commenters aren't. They're jumping to her defense. 

A Relative Left Money for College Fund that was Almost Wiped Out By Parents


The poster explained how she and other women in her family inherited money that was to be used for college. "My great-aunt set up savings accounts for all of her female relatives. In our culture education for women is not really valued and she thought that was bulls*it." She went on to say, "She lived with her father in London where she was educated. She went on to attend university and became a doctor. She married a British man, they moved to America and had a great life. She funded the education of as many of her nieces and grand nieces as she could. When she passed away she left money for every girl relative she could."

She Thought the Money Was Secure


Since her great-aunt left the money in an account for her she thought it was safe, but her parents tapped into somehow. "My parents managed to access the accounts that were set up for my sister and I. They used it to pay for my brother's wedding. My sister didn't care because she got married two years out of high school and had no intention of going to college." She added, "When I graduated I went to the bank to get money for school and it was almost all gone. There was like $13,000 left."

Her Parents Admitted They Took the Money


The poster claimed she confronted her parents about the situation and they admitted they used the funds. "I asked my parents about it and they said they needed the money. I finally found out where the money went. I got furious. I got student loans and moved out. I am a great source of shame to them and I don't [care]."

She's Suing Her Parents


The poster felt she had no other option than to sue her parents because she shouldn't have to pay for college herself since her great-aunt ensured she would have the funds to go. "I am currently suing them for the money that was left for me," she shared. "My entire family is against me. They all think I am a complete [bad person] for airing private family business in public. And that I am putting money ahead of family. My friends are all on my side but they are all Americans and don't really get my culture. Neither do I to be honest."

Her Brother Did Offer to Pay for Her College


After so much drama surrounding the situation, the woman said her brother did offer to pay for her college, but under one condition. "My brother called me up and offered to pay for my university if I drop the lawsuit. I agreed as long as we had a legally binding contract. He said I was being a [bad person] for not trusting him. I said he should not have accepted my money for his wedding. It is causing all kinds of embarrassment in our community. I am somewhat ashamed to be doing this but I don't want to have this debt I should not have."

People are Siding with the Original Poster


After reading the post, many rushed to side with the woman and let her know she's doing the right thing. One person wrote, "Your parents didn't borrow your money. They stole it. I hope you have all the documents to show that money was yours. Your brother is also the AH for trying to get you to drop a lawsuit with what is most likely a lie. If you have a chance to start life without student debt you do whatever you can to do that. Your parents , and I'm sorry but their culture, sound completely toxic. I'm glad you got out." The poster replied, "The student law center at my university is helping me with everything. I have proof that the money was mine. I am trying to do everything I can so this does not become a criminal matter. Another agreed saying: 'I'm sorry but this is a criminal matter. If this was for an American university, you are talking 200k to 300K. Theft of that much is jail time." While someone else said, "It's good of the brother to offer to return the money. If he genuinely means it, then the contract shouldn't be an issue for him."

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