Woman Who Lost 70 Pounds in 18 Months Shares "Simple Hack"

You can do it without leaving the house, she says. 

TikTok has become one of the first places people go for health tips – including how to lose weight. From fitness experts to normal people who claim to have the secrets to diet fitness success, there are endless videos of health hacks on the video sharing network. Kate Gugerli, a New Jersey native who now lives in Switzerland, who goes by the name @ffgcoaching, recently shared her "simple hack" for losing 70 pounds in 18 months, and her solution has gone viral. 

Walking Is the Key to Weight Loss, She Says


The fitness coach claims that she lost 70 pounds in 18 months by getting in 10,000 steps a day, which she does even while working at her desk. She shared a hack with her 186,500 followers, who are going wild over her advice. 

She Revealed a Hack for Getting 10,000 Steps In


"You want to know my hack for getting 10,000 steps?" she asked in a recent video. "I do this on the days that I'm sitting around a lot doing office work."

She Does "Short Busts of Walking" Throughout the Day


She claims that she does "short bursts of walking throughout the day." She also explains that she uses a stopwatch, timing how fast she can get 100 steps in.

She Gets 100 Steps in Within 40 Seconds

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Gugerli claims that she can get 100 steps in within 40 seconds. "That means it takes me a little over six minutes to get 1,000 steps,"' she explained. "By doing that 10 times through the day, I can get 10,000 steps in a day when I am otherwise sedentary."

Her Followers Went Wild Over the Advice

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Her followers loved the advice. The video has been viewed over 137,00 times and has hundreds of comments. "Thank you!! I am extremely overweight. I am so overwhelmed with the idea of walking 10k but I am going to try to do this," wrote one. 

You Can Also "Power Walk in Place"

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According to Gugerli walking 10,000 steps per day is one of the "fat loss non-negotiables" that helped her lose 70 pounds and keep it off. "When you don't have time to go for a long [walk] to get them steps, power walk in place or around your house," she says. 

She Also Suggests Turning "Boring Chores Into Mini HIIT Workouts"


Another piece of advice she offered? "Turn boring chores into mini HIIT workouts. Don't forget — it's OK to start [with] smaller daily goals [and] grow from there," she added. 


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