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5 Signs You're a Super Attractive Person, According to a Dating Coach, Sparks Debate

Dating coach outlines five ways.

A popular professional dating coach on TikTok who gives advice about relationships on the platform is sparking debate after a recent video he shared revealing signs you're "super attractive." Jacob Lucas  says he's "helped millions of people get the love life they have always wanted through his real-life methods," and shares five ways to know how stunning you are. Some people loved his outline while others debated the validity of them. 

People Are Territorial With Their Partners Around You


According to Lucas, if people feel threatened by you around their partners, that's an indication you're really attractive.  "Number one, people get very territorial about boyfriends or girlfriends around you even when you're doing nothing wrong, because they see you as competition."

You Never Get Compliments


It would make sense that beautiful people are complimented often, but Lucas explained it's the opposite and that they actually receive less praise. "Number two, you rarely get compliments because people assume that you already know that you are attractive."

People Don't Approach You


A common belief is attractive people are approached all the time by others, but that isn't true, Lucas said. "Number three, you very rarely get approached by people because people think that you're out of their league so you don't even bother trying."

Strangers Stare At You


If you always feel like people are looking at you in public, it could be a sign you're "super attractive." The fourth point in the clip may not be so surprising since it's normal to want to look at attractive people. "Number four, you always catch strangers staring at you in public," Lucas quickly stated.

People Are Nervous Around You


If you have a tendency to make people nervous, that's another indication you're gorgeous, Lucas revealed "Number five, people always get very awkward and nervous around you." 

Some Viewers Pushed Back

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People took to the comment section to share their thoughts and some didn't take the signs too seriously. "My very attractive friends disagree," one person wrote. Another added, "The most beautiful woman I know always gets approached and women (incl strangers) always compliment her, just saying…" Someone else commented, "So that's what's wrong with me? I don't buy it…I definitely don't get #2. But one and four pretty strongly."

Others Left Funny and Tongue in Cheek Comments

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While some people didn't agree with Lucas' five signs you're attractive, others joked about how everything is clear now. "I actually never get compliments and am barely approached by people, everything is so clear now, having the explanations," someone wrote. "Ahhh so people don't compliment me because I am Too attractive. I like this thinking," another added. Some wanted more advice and asked questions. "How do you get past the "unapproachable"?


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