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Man Slammed for Animal Cruelty After Installing a Shark Tank in Living Room

Marine biologist warns people to stop viewing a man's videos.

An Australian man is slammed for being cruel to sea creatures after posting videos of a shark tank installed inside his living room. TikToker @thegyp_aus is getting massive backlash for showing off his growing number of sharks and fish in a small tank, but he doesn't seem to mind the criticism. He's pushing back stating people are" jealous" and that his clips earn him a lot of views from people who enjoy his expensive hobby. 

TikToker Scolded a Fish for Trying to Eat a Baby Shark in His Home Aquarium


In a viral video that's been viewed 39.1 million times, the man is seen putting a 14-inch Port Jackson shark to the tank and documents it being almost eaten by a 4-foot-long Bumblebee grouper he calls Fred. Shortly after, he slams a door for sound effects and Fred lets go of the baby shark who swam away. "Go you trooper," the man said. 

Viewers Weren't Amused

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In the clip, which was captioned, "Port jackson shark vs White tip reef shark and Grouper," many viewers weren't impressed. "I mean it's your fault putting a baby shark inside of a tank with a monster grouper," one person wrote. Another added, "What did ya expect? Not cool or funny at all. Poor things."

People Slammed the Man for His Tank Being Too Small


In response to one of the comments on the viral clip, the TikToker stated how there are several sea animals in the tank. "There's actually 18 animals in total in the tank… not 4… not 5… 18." People were outraged and didn't hold back. "Shocking size of tank for the size and amount in it," one person wrote. Another added, "poor fish 😞 what a pathetic existence for such beautiful creatures." 

TikToker Said a Proper Shark Tank is "Too Expensive"


A lot of people questioned the size of the time with one person asking, "Why are they in that goldfish tank?" The creator replied, "Because a proper shark tank is too expensive, I picked this one up from the local hardware store." Another added, "If it's too expensive, why be so irresponsible? That's no way to live for sea life that size. Sad."

The Man Doesn't Mind the Backlash


His videos are flooded with negative comments, but the TikTok user brushes it off and is pushing back against anyone leaving a message condemning him. "People are quick to criticize, @thegyp_aus, who did not want to share his real name, told Insider. "Yet these people are hypocrites who go to zoos and pay money to see animals in cages."  

TikToker Thinks People are Jealous of Him


@thegyp_aus told the outlet that his tank is plenty big enough and the "perfect size for reef sharks." He said, "Jealousy is a curse. Yet it brings me a lot of views as the same people who provide negative comments, share the videos and follow my socials so secretly, they can't wait to see my next video or my latest live video." 

Marine Expert Criticizes the TikToker


Although the TikTok told Insider he loves his sharks and treats them "as any dog lover" treats their dogs and does it "better," experts disagree. "This is a vanity project, having nothing to do with the fish and sharks themselves," marine mammal scientist Naomi Rose told the outlet.

Marine Biologist Says the Tank Isn't the Correct Size


Rose, who works for the American non-profit organization, the Animal Welfare Institute backed up what other commenters said. "That's too many fish and sharks in a space that size. Just watching them bank and turn as they try to swim around clearly demonstrates how they are trying to cope with a space that isn't big enough for them and their swimming habits."

TikToker is an Attention Seeker, According to Expert


Many are demanding the TikToker stop being cruel to animals and Rose said the only way he'll stop is if people ignore him. "This is not a person who wants to do anything in a vacuum. They want attention. People shouldn't give it to them, because when they do, the fish suffer," said Rose.


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