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Rattlesnake Bites Put Amazon Driver in Serious Condition

The unnamed woman is in “very serious condition."

The majority of snakes are creepy, but harmless. However, there are some that are deadly, including the Eastern diamondback rattlesnake. The largest of the rattlesnakes (they can grow to about 7 feet in length) are common in the Southeast United States. And, according to their bite is fatal in 10% to 20% of cases if not treated. This week an Amazon driver is fighting for her life after being bit by one of the slithering creatures while working. 

An Amazon Delivery Person Was Bit While Delivering a Package


According to authorities an Amazon driver was hospitalized and in "very serious condition" after she was bitten by the snake while dropping off a package in Florida.

She Was Delivering a Package and the Snake Was "Coiled Up" Near the Door

Martin County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

"A driver delivering a package to a Palm City home Monday evening was bitten by an Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake which was coiled up near the front door of the deliver location," the Martin County Sheriff's Office wrote in a Facebook post

The Snake Bit Her "Just Above the Knee"


"The driver walked to the door, put the package down and was struck by the snake in the back of the leg, just above the knee," they said. 

She Became "Immediately Ill" and Called 911

Hands on phone calling 911.

According to the post, she "immediately became ill" and called 911. There is also a video of the attack. 

She Was Transported to the Hospital

Ambulance emergency car in motion blur.

"Dispatchers were able to pinpoint the victim's exact location through cell phone GPS coordinates, then send help. She was transported to the hospital," it continues. 

Amazon Has Issued a Statement

Cottonwood Rehab/Facebook

"Our thoughts are with the driver and we hope for a full recovery after this frightening incident," Branden Baribeau, an Amazon spokesperson, told CBS News.

Amazon Is "Looking Into" the Incident


"Together, with the Delivery Service Partner, we're looking into the circumstances surrounding this incident and continue to make sure that drivers understand they should not complete a delivery if they feel unsafe," they added.

The Woman Is in "Very Serious" Condition


The sheriff's office said the woman was in "very serious" condition on Tuesday, according to WPEC-TV, who also released an audio of the 911 call. 

Here Is What They Look Like


What does an Eastern diamondback look like? According to the Smithsonian National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute the snakes are usually identified by the diamond-shaped pattern along their backs.

Their Venom Kills Red Blood Cells

red blood cells

"The toxin in their venom, called hemotoxin, kills red blood cells and causes tissue damage. That said, human deaths from rattlesnake bites are rare, because the antivenom is available throughout its range," they write. 

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