Woman Told She's Not Hot Enough for Her Husband and She Needs to "Watch Out"

A mom is hitting back at trolls after being told she's not hot enough for her husband.

What started off as a simple live TikTok turned into an ugly situation for a Melbourne woman. Ali Clarke went live on the app last week to talk about her skincare business Bondi Blades, but when her husband joined in, things got nasty. She was trolled with cruel comments about her appearance and many commented that she wasn't attractive enough for her husband. While she was "embarrassed" and "horrified" by the uncalled for mean remarks, she's hitting back. 

"This Was Next Level Online Bullying"


When Clarke's TikTok went live, she was soon flooded with shocking comments that were over-the-top mean. "My beautiful husband decided to join in, and he always draws a crowd because he's got this amazing, vibrant personality and this beautiful smile, so lots of people start to watch," she said in a video talking about her traumatizing experience. "Comments started to flow, and there were some really horrific things, like this was next-level online bullying." She later added, "There were men and women in the comments saying things like 'I can't believe that's your wife,' 'you can do so much better than her,' 'you're too good for her,'" Clarke explained.

Women Said They Are Coming After Her Husband


In addition to people commenting that her husband could be better, women said they wanted him. Clarke revealed that during the live TikTok, women were particularly cruel. "I'm coming for your husband," women told Clarke. Others said, "you better watch out" and "I think he's really hot." Clarke couldn't believe it and stated, "it was all just so horrendous."

There Were Too Many Comments to Ignore

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When the comments first started to pour in, Clarke said she tried to ignore them. "I was just taking it on the chin and we were trying to avoid the comments, but they were just getting out of control. People were commenting on my appearance, my teeth, my nostrils–all these horrendous things." The mother of one added that her husband, "was horrified that people would actually do this."

"I Really Feel Bad For You"


Clarke was very hurt by the situation, but talked to the bullies directly in her video. "I really feel bad for you because I have a beautiful husband and we've been married a long time now." She went on to say, 'for him to hear things like that is actually really hurtful to him as well. It's not all about what you look like. He didn't marry me for what I look like," she said. 

"I Will Never Tolerate Being Bullied By Online People"


Clarke firmly addressed the bullies in her video and wrote, "To all the people who were on our #livetiktok last night you should be so ashamed of yourselves! #onlinebullies will not be tolerated & we called you out!" She continued, "Sitting behind fake accounts wasting your time harassing us when you could actually learn from us or use your time to make something of yourself or start a #smallbusiness would be a much better use of your time! I hope you take a hard look at yourselves & do better!" In the video, she looked directly at the camera and told viewers, "I will never tolerate bullying. I will call you out!"

Women Should Support Women


In an interview with news.com.au, Clarke shared how upset she was. "It was quite hurtful to have people saying such nasty things," she explained. "Women are supposed to support other women and for them to be coming in, saying; 'Your husband can do better than you', and 'I'm coming for your man'. "It hurt and it's intimidating too."

There Should Be Harsher Policies Against Online Hate


Clarke is standing up to the haters and not accepting that behavior, but believes social media platforms should have stricter policies against this type of abuse. She told Daily Mail Australia, "I think people need to be held accountable for their actions. We see so many young kids suffering from this stuff, but they're afraid to stand up to it and turn to hurt themselves,' she said. "Social media has enabled cowards to disrespect people without fear of consequences. If they met me in person, I doubt they would be able to say the same things."

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