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Woman Abandons Dog at Airport After Being Told She Couldn't Take It on Plane

A woman ditched her French Bulldog in the parking lot and went on vacation. 

Flying the skies with animals can be not-so-friendly. One of the hardest things about bringing a pooch or kitty on a plane is the rules surrounding travel for animals. Some pets aren't allowed in certain countries, airlines have strict rules about crating pets (including specific sizes of their crates), and animals often need separate paperwork. It's common for someone traveling with a dog or cat to get to the airport and be turned away. However, those people generally make accommodations for the animals, leaving the airport with them or having a loved one pick them up. However, after being told her dog couldn't fly with her on vacation, one woman simply abandoned him in the parking lot. 

A Woman Showed Up for Her Flight Without a Dog Crate


An unidentified woman showed up at the Pittsburgh airport on Friday with her 7-year-old French bulldog. However, as she was getting ready to board the plane, she was informed by the airline that she couldn't bring the pup on without a crate. 

She Begged for a Boarding Pass But Was Denied


According to the Allegheny County Police Department, who shared the incident on Facebook, she begged the staff to give her a boarding pass for her dog as an emotional support pet, but they refused. 

She Left the Dog in a Stroller in the Parking Lot


Instead of leaving with her dog or making other accommodations for it, she ditched the purebred pooch in the parking lot and went on vacation. Police found the dog "unattended in a stroller" around 5:30 a.m. near short-term parking at Pittsburgh International Airport.

The Cops Identified the Owner Via the Dog's Microchip


The dog was microchipped, which is how the police located the owner. "Officers were able to locate a microchip on the animal but attempts to reach the owner were unsuccessful," cops said.

They Couldn't Locate Her But Learned She Tried to Bring the Dog on the Plane


"Investigators learned the dog's owner was told by airline officials the dog needed to be placed in a crate in order to fly. The investigation revealed the owner then abandoned the dog near short-term parking and proceeded to board a flight," the post continues. 

The Dog Is at a Local Shelter


The dog is now at Animal Friends, a local animal shelter. "County police contacted the state dog warden to safely turn over the dog," the statement continues. 

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The Woman Faces Charges of "Animal Abandonment"


When the woman returns from vacation, she will face legal repercussions. "A charge of animal abandonment is expected to be filed against the owner by the state dog warden," the post concludes.

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