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Groom Shares Long List of Strict Rules He's Imposing For His Wedding and People Agree: "No Babies"

TikToker Moyo Ajibade has eight strict rules for his wedding and many people agree. 

A list of strict wedding rules is getting a lot of attention and a ton of people are weighing on a TikToker's rigid criteria for his guests. Moyo Ajibade has placed conditions on friends and family who are invited to his future wedding and has so many rules he had to do two separate videos. There's been a growing trend of people revealing the expectations they have for their wedding attendees on the social media platform and Ajibade went viral for his demands, which TikTok has strong opinions about. 

No Babies


Ajibade does not want babies at his wedding and does not care "if the baby is cute." He said, "I don't care if we're related. In fact, I don't care if it's my own. No babies allowed! He went on to say, "Too many times I've been at a wedding and something nice and romantic is going on and all I'm hearing is (then he imitates a baby crying). Or I'm hearing a baby in the back with an iPad. Are you crazy? This is my day! Why are you trying to grab their attention? Attention seeker!"

No Bad Energy or Vibes


Ajibade also made clear that bad energy and vibes will not be tolerated. "Energy and vibes have to be immaculate," he told his 2.5 million followers. "If I see anybody moping about just sitting around doing nothing, you're getting kicked out. If you're not dancing when the DJ says dance, you're getting kicked out. If you're not clapping making noise when I come down the runway with my Mrs, my wife, my baby cakes. You're allowed a minimum of five minute breaks every hour–that's it! Other than that, you better be having high energy, high vibes."

Photos Must Be Shared


Another thing that's "non negotiable" is not sharing photos. Ajibade said, "There's too many times I'm going to weddings and events, pictures and videos are being taken but excuse me, it's a year later and I still haven't seen them. At the end of my wedding there's going to be a huge link to a Dropbox . Every single image or video you take, you put it in there so we can all spread the love and we can all see the pictures."

Stay Home If You're Sick


Nobody wants to be around someone who is sick, especially during COVID times, so Ajibade says to stay home. "If you're ill, stay home. Nobody asked you to come. How dare you even leave your house when you know you are ill. I don't give a heck who you are. Stay at home. Drink some tea, drink water. How can I be tearing up–how can I be the vows to my madam, to my princess, to my queen and I'm all hearing is people coughing in the back disrupting everybody like an alarm? Just stay at home, please. We'll send you some cake or a card or something."

Phones Must Be on Silent


Nobody likes to be interrupted by a call, and Ajibade is ensuring that won't happen at his wedding. "All your phones must be on silent. When we are really enjoying ourselves and celebrating that's fine. Have your phone on it's not a problem. But boy, if I'm doing my vows and I'm hearing [the phone ring] in the background, I will (makes ringing sound) your head. Furthermore you're getting kicked out because that's absolutely disrespectful."

No Plus One


This is a controversial rule that many brides and grooms impose and Ajibade is all about it. "My wedding is invite only and it stays just like that. There's no, 'I have a cousin.' 'Oh I have this boyfriend. 'Oh I have this,' Shut up. That same mouth you want to ask for a plus one. I think people that randomly bring plus ones, especially without asking, are absolutely horrible human beings. You need manners."

Don't Announce Your Engagement


Ajibade wants his big day to be about him and not anyone's announcements. He says, "You better not dare" to make a "big announcement." He adds, "This is our day. Mine and my babes, my Cinderella. I don't care if your wife is pregnant. I don't care if you got a new job." And don't propose at his wedding. That's a big no-no. 

Dress Correctly


Don't show up to Ajibade's dressed inappropriately. "Turn up dressed correctly," he says. "If there's a dress code, stick to it. I understand that sometimes you don't have the colors that were required for the dress code. I've been one of the guys that didn't have the colors, so I just had to turn up in a random suit. At least I kept it formal. I still dress correctly. I didn't turn up in jeans. Some people are going to weddings in jeans. Even if you want to wear a suit and you don't want to wear a shirt–not a problem. Wear a T-shirt. Not a problem. Style it out–wear a vest. I'm good with that. I think you have the wrong guy if you're going to turn up to my wedding in jeans in this tracksuit."

People Love Ajibade's Wedding Rules


The two wedding rule videos combined have been viewed over 5 million times with thousands of comments. "Proposing or announcing pregnancy at a wedding is so disrespectful," one person wrote. "We have the same wedding rules," another person said. Someone else joked, "if you propose at my wedding I will give be pregnant at your wedding." Another commenter wrote, "At my wedding I'm taking everyone's phones. you'll get them back afterwards." People seem to also agree about the no baby rule. "imagine when you about to kiss then a baby starts crying," someone wrote. And many people would like to see no kids in general at weddings. "No kids at all," one commenter wrote, while someone else shared their wedding nightmare. "Said no babies on my invite and my brother pulled up with my niece and his baby mama."  

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