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7 Things Worse Than Stepping on a Lego, According to Reddit

Avoid these painful mistakes.

The sprawling online space that is Reddit can seem like a haven for the oddly specific (see the subreddit of that exact name), but one of the great things about it is that it provides a place to find support in life's most painful moments. Like this month, when Redditors discussed things that are worse than stepping on a Lego. Never say it doesn't tackle the most important issues of our time.  

Stepping on An Upturned Plug

Black power cord cable unplugged

Upturned power plugs—and their equally excruciating cousins, computer and cellphone charger plugs—earned several mentions and thousands of upvotes.

Reddit user @eyetis shared this eye-watering tale: "My freshman year of college I jumped off my half-lofted bed straight into my computer charger…. It was a circular plug and took a giant chunk out of my skin. I've stepped on tacks, needles, and glass before but this was definitely the worst of all of those because of how blunt the edges are."

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Biting the Inside of Your Mouth

Woman with a toothache

The horrific experience of taking a chunk out of the side of your mouth while noshing on something delightful attracted many groans of commiseration and more than 5,000 upvotes. Some variations on this theme were offered: "Biting so hard it crunches," said one Redditor. "When you bite it multiple times in the EXACT SAME SPOT multiple times during the EXACT SAME MEAL," said another. 

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Stepping on This Dog-Related Item

Dog chew snack stick.

The pain of a Lego has apparently nothing on certain dog snacks. "Stepping on a hard dog chew that has the ability to roll at 3 a.m on the way to the bathroom," offered @notsleptyet. 

"My dog has a knack for chewing her hard toys into sharp little torture devices, and likes to carry them anywhere and everywhere around the house with her," agreed @misplacedvegetation. "So anyways, I don't flop into bed face first anymore."

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Stepping on a Headphone Jack

Headphone plug on a red background

Audiophiles, be warned: "I once stepped on an upturned 3.5mm headphone jack, which went entirely and fully into the heel of my foot," said @TheGruesomeTwosome. "Didn't even notice until I sat down and got tangled in the wire when I tried to cross my leg. Just took it out, no blood, no paid, just a perfect little hole. It was very bizarre."

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Getting Hit on the Ankle With This

Close up of woman riding black electric kick scooter at cityscape.

"The only thing in existence that hurts more than stepping on a lego is getting hit in the ankle with the side of a scooter," said @Humble_Wonder937. Another Redditor confessed that "My little sister is a monster and bangs her stainless steel scooter into my feet on purpose because she thinks me wailing in pain is funny. I want to throw out that scooter so bad, but my parents will probably buy her another one." This caused another Redditor to suggest the little sister be disposed of instead.

Stepping on This at Night

Water puddle on laminate floor.

"When you have socks on, go into your kitchen area, and step into 'wet,'," said @CarderCS2. Pet lovers related heavily, with one confessing he tends to pray it's "only vomit."

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Stepping on Two Legos

Mans hand holds a red toy block against mix of building blocks background. concept photo of imagination, creativity, planning and ideas.

Many other podiatric tortures were mentioned, including stepping on a Monopoly house and stepping a second time on a Lego that's embedded in your foot. But the horrifying prospect of this seemed to win the thread.

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