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Elon Musk's Sister Reveals His Hidden Talents. Can You Guess at Least One?

Tesla's founder is a man of many gifts.

Elon Musk can't get enough of the media, and vice versa, as the last several weeks have been stuffed with headlines about the world's richest man and his likes, dislikes, and (gulp) passions, from his feud with Donald Trump to his alleged affair with the wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin (which he denies). There has been endless speculation about his on-and-off deal to buy Google. There have been very pale shirtless photos. And now there is a feature article in which Tosca Musk, Elon's sister, reveals his hidden talents. Read to the end to discover each one. 

He Can Cook, Too

Homemade cinnamon buns in glaze on a dark plate with berries, dark background.

"I don't know if they'll agree with me – but I think we share a lot of characteristics," Tosca Musk told The Sunday Times recently. "We certainly enjoy each other's company… We try to see each other as often as possible. [Tosca and Elon's brother] Kimbal's a chef, so he'll cook dinner. Normally we're just hanging around the table and having a chat and laughing." 

Elon is also a cook, said Tosca: "He once made exceptional cinnamon buns. It was more than putting them on a plate. There was some doughy thing he had to do. They were delicious."

He Is Never Incorrect

Hand with pointed finger.

"He said to me, 'I will give you advice. But if I give you advice you need to take it. Otherwise, I'll never give you advice again,'" Tosca told the Sunday Times.  I was like, 'If you give me advice, I will take that advice."

Smart move, Tosca, who told the paper that Musk's advice is never wrong."No, he's never wrong. Not even a little bit."

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He Grew Up Poor

elon musk introduces his mom on snl

Tosca said there is a popular misconception that she and Elon grew up privileged; in reality, their childhood involved an abusive father who was physically and verbally violent toward their mother Maye (then and now a successful model), and their childhoods were just a matter of trying to get by. 

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He is a Survivor

Tesla logo on screen and Elon Musk in a background.

"Some people spew hate language towards us because they think we grew up with a silver spoon and were given everything – which is so far from the truth. When I was growing up it was just a matter of survival," Tosca said.

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She's Very Proud of Her Brother

Elon Musk at a post-launch news conference in 2019
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"I'm incredibly proud of my older brother. He is a phenomenon. He's exceptional in so many ways and his goals to help humanity are beyond anything that anybody can imagine," Tosca told the Times. "So there's no taint at all."

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