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The Real Reason Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Allegedly Went Back to Montecito "Fuming"

Royal experts and those close to the couple maintain a reconciliation didn’t occur.

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, have been at odds with the Royals ever since they announced their "Megxit" from England in 2020. Then, after the couple's media blitz, commenting on the family and making some pretty shocking claims in a number of interviews, and the impending release of Prince Harry's new tell-all, a reconciliation between them seemed highly unlikely. However, since the couple's return to the United Kingdom and their involvement in the events surrounding the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, many were hoping that they could hash out all of their issues with Harry's family once and for all and come to some sort of a truce. Yet experts, as well as those close to the couple, maintain that no middle ground could be found and that the couple returned to America "fuming." 

The Royal Family Has "Little Sympathy" Towards Harry and Meghan

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Royal expert and author Tom Bower explained in an interview on the day of the funeral that their seating arrangement in the second row was a huge slap in the face to the couple. "I thought the whole way the rest of the Royal Family treated Meghan and Harry today showed that they had very little sympathy towards them," he said. 

They Will Bring "Rage" Home with Them, Claims the Expert


He added that both Harry and Meghan looked angry leaving the funeral, and will bring that rage back to Montecito. "They are going to go back to Montecito fuming and the autobiography [of Prince Harry] will soon be dug out and released," he continued. 

Sophie Wessex May Have Said Something to Meghan


He also believes that some disparaging words might have been said between Sophie Wessex and Meghan. "I would have loved to have known what Sophie Wessex said to Meghan Markle as they drove in the limousine between Westminster Hall and the church," Bower continued. 

There Will Be No Reconciliation Unless Harry and Meghan Apologize

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"The idea that the body language between William and Harry showed reconciliation is, in my view, nonsense," he continued. "How on earth can there be reconciliation when Harry and Meghan have said such terrible things about William and his wife? There is just no grounds for sympathy unless the two of them, the Sussex's, apologise."

Gayle King Weighed In


Oprah's best friend, Gayle King, also insinuated that a reconciliation likely hadn't occurred. "There have been efforts on both sides… to sort of make this right," she said. "Big families always go through drama, always go through turmoil. It remains to be seen—are [the Sussexes and the royals] going to be drawn closer together or are they going to be drawn apart? I have no idea, I have no inside information on that, but I will tell you this: It was good to see Harry standing with his family."

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