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Gigantic Snakes Fall Through Ceiling Into Bedroom After Owner Hears "Strange Noises"

This video is the stuff of nightmares.

Terrifying footage shows the exact second three gigantic snakes fell through the ceiling of a house into the bedroom, scattering snake catchers who were attempting to trap the reptiles. A team of specialists from the Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM) was onsite to capture what looked like just one snake—but what was waiting for them was much, much worse, the New York Post reported. Here's what the footage shows (warning—it's not for the faint of heart).

Strange Noises Were Heard


Residents in a home in Malaysia called in authorities because of what they described as disruptive noises coming from the roof. "They were hearing strange noises above them while sleeping at night," according to a post of the video on Twitter. When the footage starts, it shows one snake caught on a pole but wriggling out again. 

The Ceiling Collapsed


One of the snake catchers tapped the roof where the majority of the snake's body was—and that's when the situation got downright scary. The ceiling collapsed, and a tangled mass of three gigantic snakes fell, all writhing together. The crowd of men can be heard (understandably) yelling in shock as the snakes dangled halfway from the ceiling.

Pulled From the Ceiling


The snakes tried to slither back up into the ceiling, but the workers jumped into action to stop them. Screams are heard outside the room as the men urge members of the public to back away. Two men—one using a rod and the other his hand—managed to pull one of the snakes down from the ceiling. 

Pulled Out Of the House


More people can be heard screaming as the snake is pulled out of the bedroom, writhing as it goes. At one point, the snake wrapped itself around a chair while being pulled out. Several people worked as a team just for the one giant snake. 

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Burn It To the Ground


The video has already been watched over 21 million times by horrified viewers. "I need to know what country this is so I'll never visit," one person wrote. "Well I don't think I'll have a good sleep tonight," said another. "I'd rather have ghosts in my house than this," wrote a third. "Why aren't they running and returning with lots of fire?" another said.

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