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Royal Fans are Furious Over "Punishing" Treatment of Prince Harry. Here's Why.

Many feel as though Harry and Meghan were mistreated at the Queen’s funeral.

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, have been at odds with the Royal Family for years, ever since they announced their "Megxit" from England in 2020. Recently, tensions have heightened with Harry and Meghan, amidst the impending release of Prince Harry's bombshell tell-all. The couple, who happened to be in London when Queen Elizabeth passed away on September 8, weren't even planning on seeing any of Harry's relatives. However, the death of his grandmother obviously changed their plans. While Harry and Meghan have been attending most of the events surrounding the family matriarch's funeral, the Royal Family is clearly struggling with how to incorporate them into the mix. After all, the couple are no longer classified as "working royals." Now some royal fans are furious over this latest incident, claiming the Prince is being treated unfairly. Read on to find out why.

Harry and Meghan Had to Sit in the Second Row


At the Queen's funeral Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte sat in the front row. However, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, were placed in the second row behind King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla. Some fans were furious, dubbing the move "public punishment."

It May Have Been Because William Is Heir to the Throne

Prince William

One user said that Prince William got to sit in the front because he is heir to the throne. "Charles is with his siblings, children of the Queen, who I think deserve to come first," wrote Corinna Oliveri. "As they did in the procession. Then comes the heir, first row as it should be. Harry is in the second row, with his cousins."

However Zara and Mike Tindall Sat in the Front


However, others pointed out that Harry's cousin Zara and her husband, Mike Tindall, got to sit in the front. "I don't get this seating plan. Zara and Mike Tindall front row, Harry and Meghan next to Beatrice and Edoardo, second row," one wrote. "Not to continue to sound like a Harry fangirl (I am) but how is he sitting in the second row while Mike Tindall is sitting on the front row? For what? He played rugby," added another. 

"This Is a Public Punishment" Wrote One

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

"Make no mistake, this is a public punishment. Harry can't wear his service uniform and is sat in the second row, not in the front row with his brother?" tweeted Holly Collins. "Prince Harry has been violated. No uniform and has to sit second row," added another commenter. 

"Where Is the Unity?"

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II

"Why is Prince Harry in the second row? Another bad decision by the royal family and truly disrespectful to her majesty the queen who adored her grandson. Where is the unity?" wrote another person. 

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