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The One Thing That the Royal Family Will Not Talk About, According to Insider. "A Nuclear Radioactive Subject."

This topic of conversation is taboo to the Royal Family right now.

It has been a tumultuous year for the Royal Family, to say the least. In January, Prince Andrew was stripped of his royal titles as a result of his highly publicized sex scandal. Then, later in the year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle began a major media spree of attacks against The Firm, culminating in the release of their Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan. And, of course, there was the death of the beloved family matriarch, Queen Elizabeth. While there are many taboo topics in the family right now, there is one above all that experts are referring to as "a nuclear radioactive subject."

Harry and Meghan's Netflix Docuseries Is Off Limits Right Now, Royal Expert Claims


Author Adam Helliker claims that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's six-part Netflix series is "almost a nuclear radioactive subject" that could leave members of the family "in tears." He writes about it for The Sun

When the Family Gets Together the Subject "Will Not Be Raised," Author Says

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When the Royal Family gets together, there is one topic likely off limits, says Helliker. "I think if it's one guarantee you can make, it's that the subject, which will not be raised, is anything to do with Harry and Meghan or Netflix," he says. 

It's "Almost a Nuclear Radioactive Subject," Expert Claims


"It's spoiled enough of their days so far, especially Charles and Camilla's early days as new King and Queen," he continued. "It's almost a nuclear radioactive subject. Anything to do with it is going to end in tears really."

The Royals Will Not Respond to Any Allegations, Source Says


A previous source told The Times that the royals will continue going about their business. "William must be furious and the King will be devastated, but they will crack on, showing on a weekly basis what the job entails and the value it brings — Harry and Meghan can't," the source says. 

A Change of Reconciliation Is "Much Harder Now," Insider Claims


"With every passing month and year, it will be seen as the tawdry, shameful exercise it was. I'm sure Harry will come to regret it unless he's lost to the world," they added.  "Any chance of reconciliation is much harder now."