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The Real Reason Why Queen Elizabeth and Tom Cruise Reportedly Became Secret Friends Before Her Death

The Top Gun star and the late Queen were reportedly just getting acquainted when she passed away.

It isn't uncommon for members of the Royal Family to befriend celebrities. After all, Hollywood often brushes up against the House of Windsor at charity events, movie premieres, and other A-list soirees. Some royals have dated celebrities, while others, like Prince Harry, married them.

However, there is one very unexpected celebrity friendship that blossomed over the past year: Queen Elizabeth Iand Tom Cruise. According to a new report, the Top Gun: Maverick star befriended the monarch shortly before her death, and this is what brought them together. 

Tom and the Queen "Really Hit It Off"


Sunday Times of London reports that the Mission: Impossible star and the late Queen "really hit it off" after a missed connection at a very important event. According to the newspaper, they got together and became acquainted with one another. 

Tom Attended the Platinum Jubilee


According to the report, Cruise attended the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations, honoring her 70th anniversary as Queen. However, due to her declining health, she wasn't able to meet the 60-year-old star. 

The Queen Invited Tom to Windsor Castle

Windsor castle near London, United Kingdom

"The Queen let it be known that she was really disappointed not to have met Tom at the pageant, so he was invited to have a special tour of Windsor Castle with everything laid on for him. Afterwards, just the two of them had tea together," the source said.

They Never Got to Meet Again Because the Queen Died


During their visit, Cruise got to fire the ceremonial gun. "She loved seeing him and they really hit it off, so much so that she invited him back for lunch. He was even allowed to fly in by helicopter," the source added. Unfortunately, the Queen and Cruise were never able to meet again, despite their plans to meet for a lunch date. She passed away shortly after.

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There Are Other Royals Who Are Friends with Celebrities


Other royal-celebrity friendships have included Elton John and Princess Diana, Princess Eugenie and Ellie Goulding, David Beckham with Prince Harry and Prince William, and Prince Harry and George Clooney. 

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