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The Queen "Despaired" Over This Royal Family Member's Spending Habits

It wasn’t her daughters-in-law or even her husband whose spending stressed her out.

It doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor: Money can oftentimes wreak havoc in families, causing drama between family members. Take for example, the royal family. Despite the fact that the British royals are drowning in cash, there have been many reports of turmoil over it, ranging from Harry and Meghan getting cut off when leaving the royal family, to Fergie, Duchess of York, going into major debt. But it isn't her grandchildren or even former in-laws whose spending habits stressed out Queen Elizabeth, according to reports. Read on to learn who it was and what was the Queen's reaction to that fact.

Her Mother Had a Spending Problem

Queen Mother
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Gareth Russell, author of Do Let's Have Another Drink, claims that the Queen was "in despair" of one member of the royal family's spending habits: Her own mother. Known for 50 years as the Queen Mother (and for the 15 before that, the Queen of England) the matriarch apparently had a bit of a problem when it came to managing money. Keep reading to see how she spent.

The Queen Mother "Was Not Frugal"

Statues of Elizabeth The Queen Mother and King George VI situated in Carlton Gardens, near The Mall in London.

Russell recently spilled the royal tea to Royally Us host Christina Garibaldi and Christine Ross, revealing that the Queen's mother spent a lot of moola to her daughter's dislike. "The Queen did despair of her mother's spending," he said. "The Queen Mother was not what we would call frugal, even by royal standards."

The Bills Exasperated Her

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth

According to Russell, it wasn't uncommon to hear Elizabeth scolding her mother. "Apparently, the phrase 'oh mummy' was what you used to hear in the palace when she saw the Queen Mother's expense bill," he continued. "So, very loving, slightly long-suffering."

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Nobody Knows How Much She Spent

Buckingham Palace at sunrise in London, United Kingdom

"I can't wrap my head around how much you would have to spend as a royal," Ross responded to the claim. "How much do you have to spend before the eyebrows get raised," added Russell. 

She Died at 101

A stamp printed in Fiji commemorating the centenary of the Queen Mother, circa 1999

Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, who was left widowed when her husband, King George VI died of coronary thrombosis in 1952, happens to be the longest-lived member of the royal family, in British history. When she died in 2002, she was 101 years and 238 days old.

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