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Prince Harry and Meghan May Be Forced to "Give Up" Royal Titles. Here's Why

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may not be the Duke and Duchess for long.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may no longer be able to call themselves the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. According to one royal expert, the couple, who opted to leave behind their working duties as royals back in January 2020, may be forced to give up their royal titles altogether due to a choice William's younger brother recently made. Keep reading to find out why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might be forced to give up their royal titles. 

They Are "Burning Out Their Royal Status Pretty Fast"

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Cardiff, Wales in January 2018

Royal author Tom Bower believes that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will have to give up their royal status after the publication of Prince Harry's upcoming tell-all. "They're burning out their royal status pretty fast now," he told Palace Confidential on Mailplus. "I think they'll in the end have to give that up because it won't wash well."

He Points Out That They Are Taking Advantage of the Royals

Prince Harry

Bower continued to say that Harry and Meghan are exploiting their royal status so they can stay on the public radar. "They can only do so by being sensational and by doing something. They are constantly searching for new things to do. But it always comes back to the royals," he said. "Whether it is flying back for the Jubilee so they might be photographed with the Queen – that went wrong. Or, alternatively, it is dumping on the Royal Family in Harry's forthcoming book. But eventually, it is going to be a damp squib."

He Claims That They Tried to Get Photos of Lilibet with the Queen for Their Netflix Doc

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales during the State Opening of Parliament at the Palace of Westminster on October 14, 2019 in London, England.

He also claims that Meghan and Harry tried to get photos of their daughter, Lilibet, with Queen Elizabeth during their first reunion after Megxit during the Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend. However, palace aids put a stop to it. Another royal expert Russell Myers declared to TOAT that they were "absolutely" against images. "The Queen did get to meet her great-granddaughter Lilibet. There was no official photography being placed but the reports were that Harry and Meghan did want their friend Misan Harriman to come and have a picture with the Queen. Of course that would have been a nice family moment but the palace were absolutely adamant that it couldn't take place. You can't blame them because Harry and Meghan are still rumored to be doing this fly on the wall documentary with Netflix. It's all getting quite messy," he said. 

Harry and Meghan Were Also Seated Apart from Key Royals at the Event

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

At the Jubilee, working royals sat in the front-row of the event, while Harry and Meghan were in the second row, behind the Wessex family and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

The Royals Might "Break" a Rule When the Book Is Published

Barnes and Noble bookstore interior.

Another way Harry's book might impact the royal family? British journalist Jonathan Sacerdoti reported in Express that the royal family will break their rule of not publicly commenting on rumors. He claims that they "will react publicly if they feel they must."

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