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Princess Kate Will Be "Paying the Price" for "Convulsive Exit" of Meghan & Harry and Exclusion of Disgraced Prince Andrew, Insider Claims

Expect Kate to fulfill the responsibilities Harry, Meghan, and Andrew left behind. 

2022 was a tumultuous year for the Royal Family. In January 2022, Prince Andrew's exit from duties as a working member of The Firm was confirmed, and he was stripped of all Royal duties and titles. Then, in September, things were dramatically shaken up by the death of Queen Elizabeth and the succession to the throne of King Charles, with titles, property ownership, and responsibilities reallocated within the family.

It also became even more apparent that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle weren't going to be reconciling with the family anytime soon and taking any extra responsibilities, as their Netflix docuseries put an even greater wedge between them and the rest of the family. According to one insider, there is one person who is going to be paying the price more than anyone else: Princess Kate. 

Kate Will Be "Paying the Price" of the Royal Shake Up, Expert Claims


According to Royal columnist Daniela Elser, Princess Kate and Prince William will be picking up the slack and "paying the price" due to the exit of Prince Andrew and Prince Harry. The couple will be forced to take on a lot of royal duties, including public engagements and tours, that the others would have likely been responsible for. 

She Will Be Stretched Ever Thinner'" Due to "Tumult and Change," Expert Predicts

Kate Middleton

Elser writes for The New Zealand Heralds that "the remaining HRHs (Royal Highnesses) are going to be stretched ever thinner due to the "tumult and change" in the Royal Family over the past few years. 

Kate and Will Are the Only Working Royal Couple Under 50


Prince William and Princess Kate happen to be the only working Royal couple under the age of 50. This means that they are likely to take on the bulk of the responsibility and that their tours and royal engagements are sure to increase. 

The Loss of Harry and Meghan Also Dealt Them a "Reputational Blow," Experts Claims


"The loss of the Sussexes from the royal fold dealt the Royal Family not only a serious reputational blow but a hands-on one too," Elser said. "The convulsive exit of two star players along with accusations of racism and of an institution focused on self-preservation no matter the individual cost."

Princess of Wales Will Have to "Uphold the Royal Brand," Expert Says

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"And there is one person in particular who will end up paying the price for much of this tumult and change: Kate, the now Princess of Wales," Elser added, explaining that it will be her responsibility to uphold the royal brand. 

Harry and Meghan's Children Will Diminish the Pool of HRHs, Claims Expert

Harry holding son Archie in 2019

Elser added that Harry and Meghan's "lofty notions of protecting their kids and trying to shield them from the demands and scrutiny that come with their surname will at some point crash headlong into the reality of the monarchy's dwindling pool of HRHs."

The Problem Will Intensify in "About a Decade," Expert Predicts


Things will get dire in "about a decade" when King Charles and Queen Camilla may have to leave behind their international tours due to age. At this time, Kate and Will will feel even more pressure, as will their children.