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Prince William is the "Real Target" of Harry's "Immensely Painful" Netflix Show, Experts Claim

One clip in particular was like a “knife in the back”

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed that they were filming a docuseries for Netflix, the world has been on pins and needles, wondering what the controversial couple would reveal in the six-episode show. Many predicted that the Royal Family would be the true target of the show, especially after both Harry and Meghan have dropped bombshells in various interviews over the years. Still, it was unclear who would be the focal point. Some believed it would be King Charles; others pointed to Queen Consort Camilla or even the late Queen Elizabeth. This week Harry & Meghan finally hit the streaming service, and experts maintain to have identified the "real target" of the show: Prince William. 

William Is the "Forgotten Victim" of the Story, Expert Claims


Daniela Elser writes for the New Zealand Herald that Prince William is the real target of the show. "Today, the day after the night before, something has become clear and that there is something of a forgotten victim in this sorry saga – ol' William," she writes. 

Harry and Meghan Overlook Willam's Suffering, Expert Writes


William is "the one who pushed their mother's tissues under the bathroom door as she cried inside" and the one who "tried to support his brother when they were both grief-stricken teenagers," she added. "The now Prince of Wales' suffering generally gets lost when we talk about the Great Megxit Mess and in the face of Sussexes' prime time keening."

Their Decision to Use Diana's Panorama Interview Was Hurtful, Expert Says


She also describes Harry using footage of Diana's 1995 interview with Panorama as "rubbing salt in the wound" because William "issued an unusually forceful statement saying it should never be played again after last year's Dyson inquiry found that the princess had been duped into taking part."

It Was a "Knife in the Back," Expert Claims

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"This will be immensely painful for Prince William. Prince Harry is fundamentally destroying his one-close relationship with his brother and the rest of the Royal Family. He is embarking on an incredibly destructive downward spiral," Royal expert Nile Gardiner added to Daily Express. "This is a knife in the back for Harry's own family. He is behaving like an enemy of the Royal Family, and it must be heart-breaking for Prince William and King Charles."

Harry and Meghan Behaved with "Complete Disregard" for the Family, Expert Says

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip outside of Leicester Cathedral in April 2017
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"The Queen and Prince Philip will no doubt have been absolutely appalled by this Netflix documentary series, as well as the actions of Meghan and Harry. This would have been tremendously painful for them to see. Meghan and Harry have behaved with complete disregard for the Royal Family, especially in the wake of the death of the Queen," Gardiner said. 

They Should Be "Stripped" of Their Royal Titles, Expert Claims


"The time has come for Meghan and Harry to absolutely be stripped of their royal titles. They should not have any royal status and are using their titles to advance their own personal needs. They do not represent the British people or monarchy," Gardiner continued. "They are doing their best to trash the reputation of the British monarchy and their titles should be removed as soon as possible."

The Show Is a "Slap in the Face" to the British People, Expert Says

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"The monarchy represents the British people. This Netflix documentary is not only insulting to the Royal Family, but it is also a slap in the face to the British people as well. They have now totally destroyed any positive ties with the British people and Royal Family," Gardiner says. 

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