Prince Harry And Meghan Movie Trailer Is Misleading, Fueling the Fire, Viewers Say

Viewers point out that all is not as it seems in the latest Harry & Meghan trailer.

This week, the second trailer for the highly anticipated Harry & Meghan Netflix docuseries dropped, promising lots of bombshells when the first part of the series hits the streaming service later this week. In the dramatic 60-second promo, the drama builds up, as Prince Harry makes a bone-chilling prediction: If he hadn't stepped in, his wife, Meghan Markle, may have ended up with a similar fate as his late mother, Princess Diana.

However, some eagle-eyed viewers have found some holes in Prince Harry's statement, at least according to the specifics of the trailer. Find out why they aren't quite convinced there is enough evidence to support his theory.

The Trailer's Footage Is Misleading, Viewers Say


In the trailer, there is footage of media frenzy, photos and videos of the couple being harassed by the media, and voiceovers alleging racism and mistreatment. However, while the message that Meghan's life was in danger, similar to that of Princess Diana's, viewers insist that the footage supporting the claims is misleading. 

Voiceovers Allegedly Don't Match Up with Videos and Photos


Several people on social media have pointed out that a lot of the footage featured in the promo was taken in the United States, not in the United Kingdom. For example, Harry and Meghan's opening shot in their car was allegedly snapped in California. "It's really hard to look back on it now and go, 'what on Earth happened?'" Harry says. 

There Is Added Drama, Viewers Say


After several photos and videos showing the couple being feted by the media, the plotline suddenly changes. "And then…" Meghan says, clicking her fingers. "Everything changed," added Harry.

Photos Are Misleading, Viewers Say


As the next part of the preview attempts to paint a picture that the couple was abandoned and even set up to fail by The Firm, Harry explains there is a "hierarchy of the family," as an image from Trooping the Colour in June 2019 is shown. In the photo it seems as if Kate Middleton is in the center of it all, with Harry and Meghan pushed to the side. However, according to viewers, the couple is actually standing closer to the Queen and the center of it all than Will and Kate. 

Many of the Clips Are Allegedly Used to Influence a Mood


"The pain and suffering of women marrying into this institution… this feeding frenzy," a chilling voiceover accompanied by photos of Meghan's wedding day, followed by clips of Princess Diana being hounded by the press. Then, headlines from publications flash on the screen, two out of three from US – not British – publications. Viewers say this contradicts claims that the couple was in danger in the UK. 

A Lot of the Footage Seems to Be Taken in the United States


"I realized… they're never going to protect you," Meghan says, with clips from World Aids Day in the background. "I was terrified," the Duke later says, "I didn't want history to repeat itself." Again, viewers maintain that the footage featured wasn't actually from the United Kingdom but from the United States and abroad. 

Some Was Reportedly Taken Before the Couple Met


And, as many media outlets have reported, one of the most controversial images of the paparazzi, in what appears to be a feeding frenzy, didn't involve the couple at all. The photo was downloaded from a photo wire and was taken years before the couple even met, at a Harry Potter movie premiere. 

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