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Prince Harry is "Living in Fear" That Queen Elizabeth's Close Friend Could Expose Him and Meghan as Revenge: Expert

Prince Harry was worried that she wasn’t the “right” person for his grandmother to be around.

In April 2022, after paying his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, a surprise visit with his wife, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry made a cryptic comment that raised eyebrows around the world. "I'm just making sure she's protected and got the right people around her," he quipped during an interview with NBC's Today.

Royal Experts around the world hypothesized as to who or what Harry was talking about. Now, according to sources, one of the potential characters behind the comment may be out for blood, and Prince Harry is "living in fear" he could be exposed by them. 

Prince Harry Allegedly "Fears" Angela Kelly, the Queen's Dresser

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According to Royal commentator Neil Sean, a "very good source," told him that Angela Kelly, the Queen's longtime dresser and close confidant, is the person Prince Harry "now fears the most." Kelly has already written two out of three books as part of a book deal, which he believes may reveal personal details about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and their relationship with the late monarch. 

She Allegedly Has One Book Left to Write

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"One of the late Queen's closest confidants was none other than the personal dresser Angela Kelly. According to a very good source, it is Angela that Harry now fears the most. She had a three-book deal, two books have already come out," Sean explained on his YouTube channel, Neil Sean's Daily News Headlines.

The Queen Allegedly "Discussed Many Private Things with Angela"

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"According to the Palace, Ms Kelly has gone on holiday touring the US. But others are suggesting she is putting pen to paper on her third book," he continued. "We know that the late monarch would have discussed many private things with Angela, and this is worrying Prince Harry."

Harry Allegedly "Should Be Very Nervous" of Angela

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Sean maintains that is one of the people Harry was referring to in his cryptic quote in the spring. "This could be Ms Kelly's opportunity to give her own version of events and personal thoughts on Megxit, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry as well as Prince Andrew," he added. "She could not have been closer to the Queen. She is someone Harry should be very nervous of."

King Charles Is Allegedly "Not a Huge Fan" of Her

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He also revealed that Charles was "not a huge fan" of Kelly and that a Windsor apartment bestowed on her during the COVID-19 pandemic by the late queen may get taken away. Kelly moved into Windsor full-time three months prior to the Queen's death. 

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