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"Very Obnoxious" Prince Andrew "Shouts and Screams" If His 72 Teddy Bears Are Not Put Back Properly, Royal Insider Claims

The Duke is very particular about his stuffed animals

Prince Andrew and King Charles may be siblings, but the eldest sons of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were drastically different in many ways. However, they did have one major thing in common: Their love of teddy bears. According to multiple sources, King Charles to this day still travels with his childhood teddy. "He still travels with a childhood teddy bear," Christopher Andersen, the author of The King, recently revealed. "He's had it since he was a very small child… The only person who's been allowed to mend King Charles' teddy bear is his childhood nanny, Mabel Anderson, who he remains very close to."

According to a new report, his younger brother is also very sensitive about his childhood stuffed animals— and to explore secrets of the Royal Family, don't miss these The Biggest Royal Romance Scandals of All Time.

Prince Andrew's Bed Is Allegedly Surrounded By Teddy Bears


Former royal protection officer Paul Page recently divulged to UNILAD that Prince Andrew has a collection of several dozen stuffed teddy bears. When it came to keeping them order, he was very careful. In fact, he had to have them very organized right next to his bed, and if they weren't to his liking he would get very annoyed. 

The 72 Bears Were Allegedly to Be Perfectly Lined Up


According to Page, the Prince has a collection of 72 stuffed teddy bears in his bedroom. Staff keeps a laminated card with an image of the bed and exactly how the bears are supposed to be lined up kept in a cabinet near the bed, maids could "put them back exactly like it's in that picture."

He Would Allegedly Shout and Scream if They Weren't Properly Lined Up


What happened if they didn't line the bears up to Prince Andrew's liking? "If they don't, he shouts and screams," Page maintained. 

He Was Allegedly "Obnoxious" and "Verbally Abusive"

Julian Finney – British Athletics/British Athletics via Getty Images

Page, who worked at Buckingham Palace as a royal protection officer between 1998 and 2004 described Prince Andrew as "very obnoxious" and overall an "angry individual." He says that he would "fly off the handle" over little things and was regularly "verbally abusive" to the staff. 

Prince Andrew Was Allegedly the Queen's Favorite


He added that the Duke of York is the most "self-entitled" member of the Royal Family. "He stuck out like a sore thumb," he said. Because Prince Andrew "was the Queen's favorite," staff members rarely complained. He was "left to get on with whatever he wanted" he added. 

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