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"Disgraced" Prince Andrew Reportedly Had Secret Talks With Former Lover of His Ex-Wife Sarah

John Bryan tried to help Prince Andrew rehab his image.

During the 1990s, after Sarah, Duchess of York split up from the father of her children, Prince Andrew, she had a relationship with John Bryan, an American financial adviser. Their relationship is most infamously known for the "toe-sucking" incident between the two, photographed and splashed on the cover of international magazines and newspapers.

This week, Bryan, now 67, has resurfaced and claims to have a foot in with the Royal Family, namely Prince Andrew and Fergie. In a new interview, he reveals that he even gave the former husband of his once-girlfriend some meaningful advice. Keep reading to learn more—and to explore secrets of the Royal Family, don't miss these The Biggest Royal Romance Scandals of All Time.

Bryan Was Called In to Modify Prince Andrew's Behavior

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According to Bryan, he was influential in modifying some careless behavior demonstrated by Prince Andrew in the midst of the drama surrounding his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and accusations of sexual assault against him. His "honest advice" was not taken very well, however. 

Fergie Asked Him to Come

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.

"Sarah asked me to come and help Andrew and the girls. 'I'd stayed friends with Sarah, but when everything was going down, when it was bad, she reached out to me and I was happy to help," he said. According to Bryan, he visited Prince Andrew on Saturday, November 30, 2019, a week after the Queen suspended the Duke from his Royal duties. "I don't care anymore, I don't care. I am being treated unfairly," Andrew reportedly said to him.

Andrew Was "Distraught"

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"He was distraught. They were distraught. She reached out to me because that's what I do. I reconstruct failed businesses, I reconstruct people, I rebuild families," he continued. "There were other advisers there, other PR people who were lining up to give him advice. I told him, 'You may think you've been treated unfairly but you should never, ever say in front of third parties that you don't care any more,'" Bryan told The Mail on Sunday

He Presented Him with a Document with Strategy


According to Bryan, he was asked to visit to provide the "disgraced" Prince with a strategy about how to recover his image. He also tried to help him look at what needed "to be done legally and PR-wise" via a five-page strategic planning document.

He Refused to Listen

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And, it wasn't just Prince Andrew who he met with. "I sat there with the whole family over lunch and told them, 'You are in the middle of a catastrophe and from here it gets a million times worse,'" he said. Unfortunately, according to Bryan, Andrew opted not to follow his suggestions. 

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