Disgraced Prince Andrew Made "Mistake" While Dealing With His Accuser, According to Famous Lawyer

Alan Dershowitz believes Prince Andrew should take Virginia Giuffre to court.

Ever since the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew's world has been turned upside down. It was bad enough that he was friends with the accused pedophile, but after Virginia Giuffre's shocking sexual assault allegations, the once-respected member of the Royal Family became the black sheep. Prince Andrew willingly stepped down from his duties as a working member of the Royal Family a year ago and agreed to settle out of court with Giuffre for an undisclosed amount.

However, there have been recent reports that he has started strategizing on a possible comeback, inspired by Guiffre dropping similar charges against American lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Now that lawyer is speaking out and encouraging Prince Andrew to challenge the legal settlement he made with her. 

Prince Andrew Reportedly Believes Giuffre's Credibility Is Now Compromised


After accusing Dershowitz of sexual assaults, Giuffre ended up dropping the charges in November 2022, admitting she had misidentified him. Prince Andrew is allegedly to believe that her credibility is now questionable and is working with Hollywood lawyers Blair Berk and Andrew Brettler to overturn his multi-million dollar settlement with her, Mail on Sunday reports. 

Dershowitz Thinks Andrew Should Never Have Made a Settlement


In a new interview with The Telegraph, Dershowitz supports the Prince in doing so and maintains it was a "mistake" for him not to go to trial in the first place. "I have never understood why he accepted the settlement," he says.

He "Should Persue Every Legal Remedy," Dershowitz Says

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"There were many, many good defences he could have raised. I've thought right from the beginning, as soon as the deal was done, it was a mistake to do it," Dershowitz continues. "He should pursue every legal remedy and the media should investigate thoroughly all of the allegations because this is just the tip of the iceberg."

The Media Should Do "A Deep Investigation," Dershowitz Claims


"I think that the media ought to do a deep investigation to determine the whole truth," Dershowitz adds. "Everybody should be interested in the truth coming out, the whole truth about everything and it's very important for the media to start digging deeply into all the allegations and do their due diligence on it … That's what should be reported, not just one side of the story."

Ghislaine Maxwell Also Challenges the Famous Photo

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Ghislaine Maxwell, currently serving a 20-year prison sentence for her involvement in the Epstein scandal, gave a prison interview this week supporting Prince Andrew. In it, she maintains she "doesn't believe" the allegations against him. "I don't believe it is real for a second, in fact, I'm sure it's not," she said of the photo of Prince Andrew with his arm around a 17-year-old Giuffre. "There has never been an original. I don't believe it happened and certainly, the way it's described would have been impossible. I don't have any memory of going to Tramp [nightclub]." 

Giuffre Reportedly Signed a "Multi-Million Dollar Deal"

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It's not the only news regarding this case. Last week multiple sources confirmed to the New York Post that Giuffre has signed a "multi-million dollar deal" to write a memoir detailing her yes of sexual abuse during her time spent with Jeffrey Epstein and others. There are no details so far about the book nor a confirmation of which publishing company has gotten the rights.

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