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Woman Who Found Out She Was Three Months Pregnant Weeks After Divorcing Her Ex Remarries Him and Claims They Are Happier Than Ever

She says she wouldn’t recommend it to everyone, though.

A woman who found out she was pregnant three months after getting divorced from her husband ended up remarrying him two years after their baby was born. Sarah Hallas, 27, and David Lima, 28, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, were high school sweethearts who married for the first time in July 2018. They separated in December 2020, and Hallas soon discovered she was pregnant with their son Harv. "I always like to find the silver lining so I just thought 'this is what we're doing.' As crazy as it sounds, it made perfect sense to me," Hallas says. Here's how the two reconciled.

High School Sweethearts


Hallas says it was love at first sight for her and Lima, who dated in high school but broke up before college, the Daily Mail reports. "Right away it was clear that we only had eyes for each other. We dated for one-and-a-half years before splitting up while he was in college. He reached out to me after he graduated and said he needed me in his life. We started dating again and got married very quickly, after about six months. We were young, dumb and in love."

The Couple Had Communication Problems


Hallas says she and Lima rushed into marriage. "We had watched our parents have great marriages and when you're young you think that you get married and all of your problems go away. It was not like that – we didn't know how to communicate or how to be vulnerable. It just crumbled, I had the mindset that I wanted us to stay together no matter what but he initiated the divorce. We briefly moved in with his parents before he served me divorce papers, with no ties I moved to Nashville."

A Surprise Pregnancy After Separation


After splitting from Lima, Hallas was shocked to find she was pregnant. "My roommate and I were talking about our cycles and I realized I hadn't had a period in a while. I didn't have a regular cycle so it wasn't unusual for me. I took three tests and they were all positive. I went to the doctor for an ultrasound and found out I was three months pregnant. I was in shock, it's different to how I had planned it."

Raising the Baby Alone


Hallas was determined to raise the baby as a single mother. "I always like to find the silver lining so I just thought 'this is what we're doing.' As crazy as it sounds, it made perfect sense to me. I hadn't spoke to David since I moved so I asked if we could FaceTime and I told him the news. It was really shocking for him. He was already wrestling with the idea of a failed marriage and now he had to go through this. It was hard for him and he decided he didn't want to be involved for the first year."

Lima Was a Changed Person


Hallas says Lima changed his mind about being involved in the baby's life. "He reached out to me around Harv's first birthday and said he wanted to meet him, which I was happy about. He flew out to Nashville and from the moment I saw him with Harv I knew he was a changed person. He was kind and paid attention to our son, he always knew what he needed. He was asking about my experience as a single mother and wanted to be more vulnerable and emotionally available."

The Couple Reconcile and Reunite


Hallas eventually forgave Lima and agreed to reconcile. "He apologized for not being around for the first year. He kept asking if we could get back together but I said no. I didn't think we were ready and I didn't want to rush back into a relationship with him. Harv and I spent Thanksgiving together and as soon as I saw him, everything changed. I knew I needed to be with him. After a couple of days I told him how I felt and a month later we were re-married."

The Family Is Together Again


Hallas says she and Lima are happy to be together again. "I was nervous to tell my family and friends but they were so supportive and realized the work we had done on our relationship. Married life is great, it's so much better the second time around. I wouldn't recommend everyone getting back with their ex. I have plenty of friends who divorced and married someone else and they are happier. I'm grateful for the divorce because we could grow separately. We didn't get back together until it was right and I didn't lower my standards, which is why it works." RELATED: Husband Gets Life Sentence After Murdering Wife Because "She Would Never Shut Up"

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