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"Plus-Size" Model Gets Bullied For Her Relationship With Her "Skinny" Boyfriend. "There Is More to a Person Than Just a Body."

Lexie Lemon is defending her relationship.

A plus-size model heavily criticized for her choice of boyfriend is hitting back at her detractors, insisting she and her boyfriend are happy. Lexie Lemon is an Instagram model dating a "skinny" man, and she's created a video saying just what she thinks of "fatphobes" who disapprove of her relationship. "Fatphobes when a plus-sized girl and a skinny guy couple posts anything," she wrote in the viral footage. Here's what Lemon and her boyfriend have to say.

Criticism On Social Media


New Orleans-based Lemon has millions of followers across her many social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. She frequently posts pictures and videos of herself in a variety of outfits and interacts with fans. She also features her boyfriend, Keduzit, in her videos, leading to criticism due to their physical differences.

A Special Boyfriend


In her viral video, Lemon says no one should be bullied for their choice of partner. "Don't let your size stop you from finding someone special," she says. It's clear Lemon thinks her boyfriend is special, describing him as "a flower with the sun shining on it." She also says Keduzit is the most positive person she has ever met.

A Strong Relationship


Lemon says Keduzit is always supportive and protective of her. "You just filled me up, you always hyped me up, and you made me love me more than I already did," she said in a Youtube interview. "That was a good sign so I thought you know what, I want to keep him."

@lexielemonn If this aint the truth haha #fy #relatable ♬ originalljud – NillsiS

In Love With Her Confidence


Keduzit says he loves how confident Lemon is, and how well they are able to communicate with one another. "She is just 100 per cent herself all the time. And we don't leave each other out, we have good communication which I love," he says. The couple attracts attention for more than just fatphobia, according to Keduzit. "Interracial couples in the south, well," he says.

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Support From Social Media


Lemon and her boyfriend are getting plenty of support online. "I hope people realize there is more to a person than just a body," one person said in response. "'Right – if people aren't happy they leave – don't try to impose your own beliefs on people in relationships," said another. "I think it is crazy how people think it is their job to decide if two people fit well together," a third said.

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