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No. 1 Thing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Need to Do to Repair Relationship with Royals, Claims Expert

Unless the couple does this, a long-term reconciliation isn’t going to happen. 

For the past few years, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle have made it clear that royal life isn't for them. While Meghan has openly discussed her issues with the Royal Family in interviews with Oprah Winfrey and New York magazine, her husband has spent the last year-plus penning a tell-all about his life as a Prince. However, the death of Queen Elizabeth resulted in an unexpected reunion as the family mourns the late matriarch of the family. While both Harry and Meghan appeared at many of the events surrounding the funeral, many people are wondering what will happen when the couple returns home to Montecito and if there is any hope of a reconciliation.

One expert maintains that the couple will have to make a few major moves if they hope to repair the fractured relationship with everyone from King Charles to Prince William and Kate Middleton. Read on for all the details.

Harry and Meghan Will Have to Make Sacrifices

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan

In an interview with Lorraine Kelly on her ITV daytime show, royal biographer Tina Brown maintains that Harry and Meghan would have to make a few major sacrifices to get back into good graces with the Royal Family. 

Harry and William Together Was a "Magnificent Moment"

Prince William

"What about bridges being built?" asked Kelly. "We hope, between William and Harry, especially who were once so very close, but just the family generally, use this time to all come together." Tina agreed. "This is an incredible moment to be used and the country loved that feeling of unity, they loved seeing the brothers back together and marching as well and it really was a beautiful sight to see them all back together," she responded. "Let's face it, Harry is a magnificent man, he looked wonderful I thought, funnily enough, the fact that he was wearing a civilian suit not uniform… your eye kind of went to him constantly in the crowd."

He Would Have to End His Docuseries

Prince Harry in "The Me You Can't See"
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But major sacrifices would have to be made. "But I think unless he gives up his book and these tell-all documentaries type stuff and stops doing the interviews then there can be no trust," said Tina."If he does that I think there is very much a way and I do actually think the royal family now needs them, there is a lot of work to be done."

He Would Have to Step Back Up as a Royal

Prince Harry

"Kate does not want to be spending her time travelling the world," she added. "She's a mother of three children, as the Suessexes are, so somehow has to divvy this up and Harry has a role to play if he wants to now," she continued. "Come in and do it and the question is of course, (if) Meghan wants to because she absolutely hated every bit of it."

He Will Also Have to Pull His Tell-All Book

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She also added that he would have to pull his tell-all book. "So if he does that is a fresh page and they can start again," said Lorraine. "A fresh page and then there should be a compromise, they can spend four or five months of the year in California as they wish. But actually he has got a role and I think they should make that compromise, the question is whether they have each got the give to do it. Family can go very deep (but) if Harry doesn't want to bin the book then I don't see a way forward," added Tina. 

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