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5 New Shocking Revelations About the Murdaugh Murders From State's Star Crime Scene Expert Witness

The prosecution called to the stand Dr. Kenny Kinsey, a highly regarded crime scene expert. 

On Thursday, the prosecution continued presenting their case against Alex Murdaugh in the murders of his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul. Dr. Kenny Kinsey, an Orangeburg County sheriff's deputy and crime scene expert, was called to the stand to testify about the crime scene evidence. Dr. Kinsey first started working on the case in 2022 to help reconstruct the crime scene at the Moselle dog kennels, where Paul and Maggie's bodies were found on June 7, 2021. Here are the five most shocking revelations from Dr. Kinsey's testimony. 

Paul Was Shot in the Feed Room and Was Caught Off Guard, Expert Claims

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According to Dr. Kinsey, whoever shot Paul was standing in the doorway of the feed room when the first shot was fired and Paul did not expect it nor feel threatened, as indicated by his arms being down. Due to the way that the blood droplets splattered, Paul was standing there for "some time" before moving. The second shot resulted in blood splatter on the door. Paul's body fell forward face down into the ground outside of the feed room. 

Maggie Was Shot Several Times, Doctor Claims


Dr. Kinsey testified that Maggie suffered two to three non-fatal wounds on her thigh and abdomen before being shot twice in the head. He believes that the first two shots were fired very close together from a distance of four to five feet. She dropped down to her hands and knees. Then, she was shot from behind up through her breast, her jaw, and then into her brain.

The next shot was into the crown of her head. Her body was not moved. The shooter likely came out from the feed room, which would imply she was killed after Paul. 

Maggie's Body Had Tire Treads On It From a Nearby ATV, Experts Claims

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Dr. Kinsey also testified that Maggie's body had tread impressions, which match a nearby ATV's tire tread. He thinks she made contact with the tire but was not run over it. One theory is that he may have backed into it. 

Paul's Phone Was Moved After He Died, Doctor Claims

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Dr. Kinsey claims that evidence shows that Paul's phone fell out of his pocket when he died. He states it was placed there postmortem by someone else, which Alex has copped to doing. 

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Neither Paul Nor Maggie Had Any Defensive Wounds, According to Expert


Dr. Kinsey believes neither Paul nor Maggie attempted to fight off their killer. He noted that neither had any defensive wounds. 

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