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TikTokers Say Woman's Relationship Won't Last After "Bad Omen" of Boyfriend Giving Her Flowers That Got Moldy

Why a viral video of moldy flowers generated negative comments dooming TikToker’s relationship.

A woman was saving flowers her boyfriend gave her for their wedding one day. She attempted to preserve the flowers by drying them out but instead they turned moldy, which caused TikTok to have strong opinions. @xellie_06, who goes by the name Ellie on the app, posted the video less than two weeks ago and the seven second clip has been viewed over 11 million times with more than 7800 comments, many which say this is a sign her relationship is doomed. 

Drying Flowers Is a Popular Trend on TikTok


TikTok is full of helpful tips, genius hacks and crafty ideas, including how to dry flowers. The hashtag #driedflowers has been viewed over 374 million times and has countless videos of people advising how to dry flowers and clever ways to display them. Ellie was inspired by the trend that's been spreading across the app and wrote "when TikTok said to keep the flowers he gave me to be thrown on our wedding day.."

Instead of Beautiful Dried Flowers, Ellie's Turned Moldy


In the brief video, Ellie can be seen covering her mouth and looking completely shocked as she showed what her box of flowers turned out to look like. They were so moldy you couldn't tell they were flowers. "That's actually disgusting. WTF did I do wrong," the caption read.

Commenters Said the Mold Was a Sign the Relationship was in Trouble


The viral video was flooded with thousands of comments and dozens writing the mishap actually indicates the relationship is doomed. One person wrote, "It's not anything you did. It's the relationship." Someone else said, "I'd take this as a sign if it happened to me." Another commenter stated, "It's either because you didn't properly dry them or it wasn't given out of love." Some commenters said the flowers turned to mold because they were "forced flowers," which refers to the idea that flowers that are given out of true love will last longer and can be preserved easily. However, if the flowers are given out of a sense of obligation or an insincere reason, they will die quickly. 

Other People Gave Helpful Tips on Drying Flowers


While Ellie did receive a lot of negative comments and warnings that her relationship isn't going to last, people also sent useful advice on how to dry flowers for next time. "Don't seal flowers up when they're not dried," one commenter suggested. "Hang them upside down until they fully dry first," another person wrote. Many people said Ellie didn't hang them upside and that too much moisture caused the mold, debunking the "forced flower" theory. 

How Ellie Dealt With the Negative Comments


Although her account was hit with a ton of comments saying her relationship wasn't going to last, Ellie doesn't seem too fazed by it. She snapped back by posting two videos referring to people's negativity. In the first clip, she uses a trending sound that talks about giving people the "side eye" in response to someone that wrote about "forced flowers." In a second video, she addressed a commenter who wrote, "It's not anything you did. It's the relationship," Ellie shared a slideshow of cute images and clips with her and her boyfriend happy, laughing, and in love. 

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