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Man's Tire Punctured After Driving Over 100-Ounce Bar of Silver

“I knew this is not normal.”

A man in Kingston, Ontario, was shocked when he busted a tire on the road while driving over something he had never seen before. Tommy Sondy was making his way into town at approximately 8 pm on a Monday night when he hit something on the road. After getting out of his car to have a look at what might have happened, Sondy was surprised to see the cause of his tire puncture was a huge bar of pure silver.

"Right away I looked at it and I saw .999 silver, so I knew this is not normal," he told the Kingston Whig Standard. "That thing weighed about five or six pounds. It was quite heavy." Here's what happened next—and where the silver bar ended up.

Driving Into Town


Sondy was driving east of Canadian Forces Base Kingston when he hit an object in the road. "I knew right away that the tire was blown," he said. "I pulled over to the side and, you know, I saw it. OK, I need to get that fixed. And then afterwards I went, just out of curiosity, to look and see what I hit, right, to maybe get it off the road."

Lucky Break?


Sondy was taken aback when he realized the object he hit was a bar of solid silver. "I couldn't believe it did that to my tire," Sondy said. "I must have hit it at a weird angle. Right away I looked at it and I saw .999 silver, so I knew this is not normal. That thing weighed about five or six pounds. It was quite heavy."

Mystery Silver


As silver is selling for more than $26 per ounce, Sondy's find was worth more than $2,600. He turned the bar into the police, who were confused as to its origins. "It is kind of odd. I've never seen one like that before," Kingston Police Const. Anthony Colangeli said. "It is marked Royal Canadian Mint silver bar. It's got a serial number on it, so our property room has it."

Launching Investigation


Colangeli says an investigation will be launched to find the owner of the silver bar. "We're going to contact our detectives to see if there are any open investigations pertaining to it," he says. "From there, we'll probably, if there's nothing, we'll maybe contact the mint, give them the number that is stamped on the bar to see where it may have come from and just kind of do some investigation, some leg work, to try to figure out where it came from or who may have lost it."

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Who Gets the Bar?


So what happens if the rightful owners of the silver bar can't be found? Unfortunately for Sondy, he won't be able to keep his find. According to Colangeli, the department's policy is that lost items are not kept by the people who bring them in. Instead, the silver bar will most probably be put up for auction. Let's hope they at least cover his tire repair!

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