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King Charles Will Have to "Rein in" Duchess Who is "Going Rogue," Royal Expert Claims

Since the Queen’s death, this Duchess has reemerged at the public level

King Charles' life changed overnight when his mother, Queen Elizabeth, passed away last month. For most of his life, the eldest son of the longest reigning monarch in British royal history sat on the sidelines as his mother ran the United Kingdom. He focused on running the Duchy of Cornwall, raising his children, and fulfilling his responsibilities as a Prince. However, at 73-years-old, Charles started the most important job of his life, transitioning from Prince to King.

Obviously the new job comes with a whole new set of responsibilities, including one of the biggest ones: Managing The Firm and keeping order amongst his relatives. According to new reports, one of his first roles as the family patriarch involves reining in a Duchess who is "going rogue" and could potentially damage the reputation of the Royal Family. 

Sarah Ferguson, AKA Fergie, Has Reemerged

Sarah Ferguson/Twitter

Sarah Ferguson, Prince Andrew's former wife, has reemerged in the public eye recently. Not only has she been doing more interviews than usual, but has been posting a lot more on social media. According to experts, King Charles is not happy about his former sister-in-law's exposure and is concerned that she is seeking too much attention, which could reflect negatively on the family. 

She Is All Over Social Media with the Corgis

Sarah Ferguson/Instagram

Ferguson recently celebrated her 63rd birthday, using it as an excuse to show off the Queen's corgis, which she and Andrew inherited after her death. "The presents that keep giving," she captioned a photo of herself playing in the grass with one of the dogs. "Happy birthday," she added in another, which included multiple snaps of them.

She received lots of praise from her followers. "Lovely to see the corgis are being loved and happy," one commented. "My heart melts at this… Its a lovely site to see sarah. Its important that a pet gets a home after it's care giver passes. And yours is a true honour. What a beautiful gift of trust to you," added another.

She Is Also Doing Interviews and Writing a Book

Sarah Ferguson/Instagram

In an interview with the Telegraph, Fergie declared it was "a big honor" to be able to inherit the "national treasures" adding that the dogs had "been taught well." She also joked about having seven dogs in the house. "They all balance out, the carpet moves as I move but I've got used to it now," she laughed.

The Duchess also recently announced her upcoming book, A Most Intriguing Lady, adding that her historical romance novel will be available in March. "I am delighted to bring you the most amazing, romantic historical novel…It is so exciting. It is full of seduction and scandals. Well, it is 'A Very Intriguing Lady,'" she said in a promo video. 

Experts Say She Is "Going Rogue"

Sarah Ferguson at the Children's Charity Fundraising Ball at Battersea Evolution in London

Christina Garibaldi and Christine Ross, hosts of Royally Obsessed podcast, discussed Fergie's sudden reemergence at a public level. "We saw these pictures with the Queen's corgis and Fergie for her birthday over the weekend," said Garibaldi, with Ross adding: "She's kind of going rogue with social media." "I do think it's like Fergie has kind of been let off a leash a little bit with the Queen not there anymore. And I think Charles is going to have to rein her in at some point because it feels like she is just like everywhere right now," Garibaldi added.

They added that the Duchess would be touring Australia, with tickets available to purchase online. "It's just a level of unrestrained that we haven't seen in a long time," Garibaldi said. "I love just Fergie unfiltered. She's being honest. I like her being herself," Ross interjected.

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Others Say She Is "Not a Member of the Royal Family"

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

However, other insiders have maintained that King Charles doesn't put much thought into Fergie, as she isn't officially a member of the Royal Family. "She is not a member of the Royal Family any more and Prince Charles simply doesn't have time for her. He just can't see why she is still such a big part of his brother's life," a source told The Daily Mail.

"Charles is not OK with Fergie. He can't stand her in reality," another told The Sun. "They don't get on personally. There's so much baggage because he feels she sided with Diana over Camilla."

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