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King Charles is Facing "Real Trouble"' For Royal Family Future After Harry and Meghan's Bombshell Accusations, Expert Claims

He has some major decisions to make. 

The first few months of King Charles' reign have been challenging to say the least. After the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, the new monarch stepped into a host of problems and controversy, ranging from racism allegations against one of his mother's best friends to the ongoing drama stemming from his son, Prince Harry, and daughter-in-law Meghan Markle.

The couple, whose highly explosive Netflix docuseries dropped on the streaming service this month, doesn't seem to be slowing down. In just a few weeks, Spare, Harry's autobiography, will be released around the world, and many expect the pages of the book to be filled with Royal secrets and drop even more bombshells about the family. According to experts, the King is facing "real trouble" as a result. 

An Expert Believes Prince William Will Continue to Be Attacked in His Brother's Book

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Royal author Christopher Andersen anticipates that after the major attack of Prince William in the docuseries, he will continue to feel the wrath in the upcoming book. These swipes could be perceived as damaging to The Firm as an institution. 

It Will Be Viewed As an Attack on the Monarchy, Expert Claims


"I think any attack on William is going to be seen, because William is the heir, as an attack on the monarchy, an attack on Charles," Andersen told Royally US. He added that he believes there is only one person who can fix the situation. 

The Monarchy Will Be "In Real Trouble" If the King Doesn't "Navigate" It, Expert Says


"If this dog and pony show known as the monarchy is going to continue to thrive it's only going to be because of Charles' ability to navigate all of it," Andersen continued. "If he can't, I think they're in real trouble and it's very, very damaging to the reputation of the monarchy."

Coronation as an "Olive Branch"


Andersen said that at one point, he thought an invite to the most highly anticipated Royal event of a lifetime could be a great olive branch. "I thought the whole thing was fascinating. We're looking at the coronation coming up – I would've said, I got the impression they would be invited to the coronation and they would attend," expert said. 

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However, Now He Doesn't Believe That Harry and Meghan Would Even Attend If Invited

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"Now I'm beginning to wonder whether they would even go if they were invited. They're going a long way to really severing all ties with the royals," he continued. "You wouldn't blame the Royal Family, especially the new King to be furious at the kind of disruption this is all causing."

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